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*Results are not guaranteed

In this video I wanted to crack some jokes and spread awareness of pump and dump groups. These groups promise to never dump on unsuspecting marks, which is how you can tell it's legitimate.

Watch more videos on my channel here.


I'm glad that you finally left the dark side (YouTube) Doug :-D

Also I was pretty stoked that you popped up on my feed!

I like your crypto channel even more than your poker channel.

He is still on Youtube and even though he posts here, he's is not active on Steemit at all. Just look into his wallet.

EDIT: Granted, he is fairly new to this platform and is probably just getting familiar. I believe Doug will be an incredible asset for STEEM in the very near future.

I'm trying the best I can to not being affected by news or pump profiles on social media etc. Been focusing on getting real good at technical analysis.

Here's my take on stratis for example:

STRATIS - Analysis (233% POTENTIAL PROFIT) — Steemit

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 19.06.56.png

I support your predication

I love your vids about cryptos Doug! Hopefully you can make some about poker sooN!

Great video bro. I think im following the creepy guy u dont want to see on the moon. 😂

People in pump and dump groups are pretty much stealing money from each others :D

Yup, dumb people will always throw their money away somehow, but pump and dumps are the worst way to spend your money I can think of. lol

And the people caught up in them unknowingly.

Great post

All dumps

I have once more laughted my a** off. Thank you very much for the funny and educational post.

I'm 99% sure Doug moved to crypto just because he was getting tired of the polker jokes.


wow .. really a video that inspires everyone. I like your joke my best friend, though this is just a joke, but full of meaning. Thank you my brother.

Pump & dump groups are nothing more than scammers in the crypto industries .stay away from them.

your thinking is will running create this type posting....i waiting for your next post..

keep following me on
where you can have some good knowledge about cryptocurrency and life tips

I know nothing about crypto and it's management and it was a boon to find your videos on youtube, you are informative and entertaining which is a win win. As one of the comments said also the idubbbz of crypto.

This video I watched yesterday on youtube , and was wondering why don't you post at the same time here?

It annoys me, in any other market Pump and Dump is Illegal, in fact the mere mention of a top level investor talking about a stock draws the ire of the Securities and exchange commission or any financial authority figures.

I guess this is the price we pay for not having regulation.

Do you think Doug makes more now in the cryptospace or when he was a professional poker player?

I have to say that I was very skeptical from the title but not only was this video hilarious but not what I expected at all. Great job

I found one of these groups on Twitter the other day, joined them to see what would happen. After putting out a sync time to buy, sure enough, the price of the coin went up with a crazy high green spike and then they started telling everyone hold hold hold while the red candles kept dropping. Then said "OK everyone take your profits now!" Pretty sure these guys bought in hours before and just used all those people to run it up before they sold.

Great video. No candy coated bullshit.

BEST videos in our little slice of life (crypto) :))

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Do love you vids Doug! Crypto and poker, two of my favorite things. Keep it up. I am new to this..... now where am I?

U are a genius, continue this lovely move

Definitely subbed on YT as well! Thanks for such enlightening info on P&D groups

This was a great post, learnt a lot about what pump and Dump means and while having a laugh along the way because of you video being entertaining at the same time, keep the good work up. also will be following you.

Thanks for the video! The beginning definitely made me laugh. Pump and dumps are just the worst because so many unsuspecting people are left holding fairly worthless bags of coins. It's great that you are working to educate the masses. Keep up the good work!- Ivy

The video is really captivating, I appreciate @macdonaldfebi

Doug is calling out those in crypto who prey on individuals that are not well educated in the ways of crypto. But most importantly, do you know the way?

Informational, yet entertaining always! Thank you for bringing a little humor to it all;0)

Yo people, all these groups in telegram about crypto signals is BS !!!
Veeery few of them are original pro-trader signals.
Common , if you want to play in crypto you have to think with your own head and understand what do the charts show.

Don't waste your money on crappy coins, invest wisely in good projects that are here to stay for long. This is the only way you can become gainer in this field.

  1. Think with your head
  2. Buy good coins
  3. Sell High Buy low

If you still want to gamble then just try to be FIRST IN and OUT

Nice video once again dude. 100% agree that trust + reputation is everything when it comes to Youtubers or any other broadcasters. And only time can judge who is right, and who.... survives!

My friend has been trading traditional stocks, and Forex for more than 10 years now, and when he tries crypto trading,.... he told me "look, this sounds like it is actual market here, not much regulations. Only "invisible hand" decides most things". Ofc in smaller cap coins, pumps and dumpes are huge. But big cap cryptos looks like they are trying to avoid that with huge supply of the coins.

Highly entertaining and massive information. Thanks for making this videos. @dougpolkcrypto

Great post. Thank u

the jokes are hilarious 😂😂😱😱 keep it up Doug

You lost me at "legit pump groups". That´s an oxymoron right there!

Awesome video and inside look. Thanks for this information

I watched this earlier today on YouTube and funny thing is that pump you showed happened to be the one I was trying out. I wanted to see what all the hype was and low and behold I thought it was dumb. By the time they put out the call the thing was selling off. Keep these vids coming @dougpolkcrypto

Awesome video really informative , I'm learning so much about cryptocurrencies , Love the video very entertaining .

I wish everybody I follow on youtube was already here.
Keep it up Doug.
Love your sarcasm and jokes. 10 out of 10

Great Inspiration. Thank You

Very interesting video. Honestly i saw these groups working and it seemed very suspicious

Great post!! I just finished writing a post about the Bitcoin bubble, you might enjoy it. Check it out if you get the opportunity.

Doug you are the absolute man. Definitely been making my favourite content out of all the youtubers in this space recently. Please please please keep giving all your audience this delicious breath of fresh air in the crypto space, respect!!!

The thing that really gets me is how Doug can transport his message while not sounding like an absolute douche and still be likable. He's right about 99% of his messages. I stumbled upon him a couple of days ago after the Bitconnect catastrophe.

Yea I joined one of these pump groups, I figured I could just look at the coin they are trying to pump. I was logged in and on my binance account and discord, but in the two seconds it took me to type in the coin name the coin was already ready pumped. As in this video they blamed it on bots. Another technique they like to use is after the pump they say good job guys, some people are reporting 100%/300% gains, just lies!!!

Best way to make money when it comes to pump and dumps is to stay out of pump and dumps!

Fantastic as always Doug.Need more people like you in this space.

Hey dude! Nice to see you here, I've been seeing your videos on youtube mostly for the lolz since you are completely right about all these pump and dump groups (I personally belong to a couple, mostly just to see what they're up to) also I liked your video where you talk about all those scammers on youtube like Trevon James, Tai lopez, Craig Grant etc. I hope less people would follow those clowns. Anyway keep it up man thanks for the good videos! ☝

I'm happy I found your channel, it has become my favorite crypto channel. Always instructive and entertaining.

People will always believe in these scams... It's sad

Thank you for not being a scumbag :)

Very interesting post you, @ napaputri I am beginner steemit, sorry if I am still wrong in using this steemit thanks

This is very informative video. this guy is adding value. keep it up.

Nice video Doug you are killing it man. Keep posting great content!

My fav new poster

Love your video analysis about cryptos scams like bcc and the red alert lights on them funny stuff. keep up the good work.

Great stuff Doug!

Another quality video, I love your humorous outlook on the market and the various shills plugging their next 1000x shitcoin. Lending platforms and pump and dumps are clearly the only legitimate way to make money in crypto anymore!

good post, and you deserve the dream you want, and I will follow you,
sorry, I'm new in steemit, will you help to improve my ranking? thank you

Sounds legit! Seriously though, always a good time Doug, keep it up!

"...I have to say it's pretty disturbing with how OK he seems to be with using his loyal followers to pursue your own financial gain..."

OK, so here's the plan. Next time we're at the same table, I'll let you know that I'm one of your loyal followers so you stop felting me by accident. Seems reasonable?

good post

Great work as always. I really appreciate your hard work and honesty. Keep it up we could use more people of your caliber in the crypto currency world!

Follow you on YouTube. Love the content. Keep up the good work! -Jeff

nice video:)

This vid explains a lot! I've seen these transient spikes all over the place. Love your work Doug!

Big fan of your poker analysis and great to see you adding that same analytical thinking to the crypto world. What are your thoughts on Tron? Was it a pump and dump?

Hmmm I make money on these and I'm not an insider. Guess I'm just quick.

Thanks for the video

Only guaranteed way to earn in pump groups is to start the group yourself, buy all the shitcoin you want BEFORE telling others to buy it and pump it for you. Then dump it on those losers who listened to you. #scam

It definitely take some self control to not participate in the pump and dumps. I have never done just feels wrong. But then again- we are told to invest for the money and to leave emotion out of it

Hmm... maybe I should reconsider.

This man is doing Gods work!

Great post!..another good move from youtuber to steemiter hehe👀 😄😅😆😇👍👍👍

I like your brutally honest approach to these topics. I've been following you for awhile on YouTube. Good stuff man, keep up the good work!

I love your show, you are hilarious! I was streaming you live in DLive earlier! 😃

These pump groups are real bad for crypto... Do these people even believe in the utility or are they just looking to a quick buck?

That's some funny shit Doug I watch you on utube but I got in on one of these pumps today actually the same group you showed there at first on the telegram and discord apps plus their on Twitter idk much about them really just wanted to give it a shot and I did pretty well actually the pump you was talking about with the boots I missed out on but what happened from the messages I got from the group was that as their trying to pump the bots are saying off and throwing off the pump before they get to the level of satoshis they had planned but they did things differently today and all seemed to go pretty smooth I'm sure there's a lot of groups trying to get people out there but bps seems pretty legit to me like I said today was the first one I got in on and all went well they tell ya when there gonna start dumping and u get out I always when trading try to get out before the big even cause seems like so many people sale on big numbers 100,200,1000,2500 or whatever so I get out before their proposed sale price to stay safe but like I said all good for today think they got another one in 2 or 3 days I'll let ya know how that goes to also I watched several take place before I got in today as well I watch these bots kill a good run all the time and was just looking for a way to get one up on em may have to just join the bots and buy a good one might help sleep better I'm more of an investor than trader anyway but I do keep a small part of my portfolio open just for trading but I mostly buy what I believe has a real future and leave it but I do appreciate your videos glad to see ya on steemit keep up the good work brother have a nice night day whatever it is where u are lol

Hahaha, thank you so much for what you do. I know it is old news, but I can't wait for more videos about making fun of Bitconnect

I love crypto but not fiat.
I love Dtube but not youtube . most of people here have same opinion I guess

Sooooo awesome to see you on Steemit look forward to connecting here with you.


Awesome post, so inspiring. Thanks for sharing

*Results are not guaranteed

Ha! Okay, I was worried that this was serious!

Wow!!! Let me just sit still and grin

nice info.....

Good video Doug,

I agree it's not inherently wrong to have good things to say about alt coins your invest in. When I want to evaluate an alt coin I have two criteria - "is it currently doing what it's designed to do?" and "is there growing demand for what that coin does?"

For those fresh wading in the crypto space: always be highly skeptical of anyone who engages in price point speculation. That includes hype train conductors who say "XYZ coin will be worth $XXX.XX" or engage in profit projections (For examples just look at some of the other comments here).

People who engage in this kind of hype are willfully ignorant at best, if not deliberately predatory. They presume to have the kind of information that no one in the history of investing has been able to predict consistently. If they're lucky they'll be right about as often as they are wrong.

This may sound like a buzzkill but charting graphs is pseudoscience that leans on our predilections to seek patterns and meaning behind illogical systems. If you follow the advice of these hype train conductors and they are right, you'll be more inclined to leverage more on their next "prediction". When they are wrong, you will go bust.

If you don't have the time to research and understand the things you are investing in then you're better off in a more time tested and regulated market. Crypto is full of red herrings and false flags. It's the wild west out here, and you know what they say in the west.

"There’s no living with a killing. There’s no going back from it. Right or wrong, it’s a brand, a brand that sticks. There’s no going back. Now, you run on home to your mother and tell her, tell her everything’s alright, and there aren’t any more guns in the valley.”

All time all prediction is not follow....

and still outside circle people believe in pump and dump to get them rich


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I really appreciate how honest and dedicated this guy is towards bringing good content to the cryptocurrency community, upvote from me!

Doug. Doug! I hate to say it. Why? I don't know. But, you're good at this. I am entertained. I also want to play poker with you one day. Maybe a chat where we can throw some ether or LTC into a quick game. I need to get rid of that litecoin anyway.

P&D groups just scam. stay far away from pd groups guys...

So many scams in the crypto world and so many novices that fall into them, such a same

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