Crypto News: ETC on Coinbase, EOS MAINNET DISASTER, and More

Hey guys, Doug Polk here. I've taken a long break from content creation, but I'm happy to be back with a new Crypto News video.

Let me know what you guys think!

You can watch more videos on my channel here.


Good to see your content again, looking forward to seeing what you cover next

Thanks man! I'm not sure how often I'll be posting videos... I'm taking a quality over quantity approach now. Hope you enjoy.

Right on, I think your videos are already quality and entertaining, I'm curious if your comedic style will come across just as good with no video but we'll see. Either way I'll check it out!

I believe in this token

Welcome back @dougpolkcrypto, I've missed laughing into the darkness that is this market hahah.

Do what you want. Crypto is dead so you posting anything is a blessing. lul

Sweet Im glad you are back !

Glad to be back!

Great to see you back! The reality is that EOS is under heavy scrutiny given how many tokens were distributed over a year long process while the protocols was in development. Now that it is launched many are watching to see how it adopts in real world scenarios. I think that there were aome testnets called Dawn 2.0 and 3.0 before the main launch. In addition, I don’t think a freeze is too detrimental at this point given the limited amount of transactions happening on Dapps currently. It does show some weakness as it show its centralization in its early stages but that weakness also helped them govern through this bug more efficiently. Only time will tell...

And your back:)

You hit the hottest bust to-date. A failed rollout of EOS.

Sure, they can recover from this with all of their supporters and the Dan Larimer fan crowed (no offense is meant by this Dan, seriously). But they just needed to not rush their project and take the time to ensure that they did it right. However, in this world it seems it's easier to ask for forgiveness (for failing) than permission (to do something right the first time).

I have high hopes for EOS, but I'm not going to blindly support a coin that has been shilled by so many for so long without actually delivering a viable product (yet). Hopefully they'll be up and running at full power with full functionality within the next few months.

Also, welcome back! Real news is not your style. Try the fake news stuff.. Trump will love you! You'll be huuuuuggee!

I wouldn't call it a 'failed'rollout. A few hiccups, sure.

Glad to see your back in the space. You're humour is always welcome in the cryptosphere.

If you have any EOS i hope they are staked for voting. I personally would pick EOSphere, GenerEOS, LiquidEOS, EOS Tribe, and EOS Canada to be on the top 21 list.

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