Graft - Revolutionalizing payment systems through a Cryptocurrency payment network

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Cast your mind back to few years ago and you will be reminded of the years when there were bottlenecks in how payments for goods and services are made cross country/continents. As an african (a Nigerian) especially, I can testify to the bottlenecks that we face in making payments for goods and services, especially those ones we find online. Perharps one of the major issues then has to do with verification of addresses and the likes. All the available payment options were "foreign" in nature.

Scratch the above few years down the line. Now, we have the paypal kind of payment systems but they lack the decentralization, privacy, and independence which the crypto world has created for us in recent times.

But Why Graft and not any other Crypto?

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Graft is actually coming to the fore with innovative ideas. Graft as the name appears in elementary science is the act of bringing in two different plants together in order to take advantage of their individual peculiar characteristics. This is exactly what graft is doing; building on the existing features of cryptocurrencies and solving the bottlenecks around payment systems through the combination of the crypto and other payment solution ideas. These can be discussed under the following headings

  • Faster Payment
    Bitcoin from time have proven not to be a formidable replacement for the traditional methods of settling payments especially with the current surge in the transaction time for btc payment confirmations. And while dealing with other cryptocurrencies, the process is still such that customer pays merchant, say with crypto A, Merchant receives and converts crypto A to bitcoin from an exchange for his fiat and then takes fiat to the bank.

Graft is here to eradicate those intermediary processes and make payment easier on a one cycle from your POS outlet, straight to the merchant's bank account through a swift processing with the graft network through the integration of the cryptocurrency nodes (Graft cryptocurrency wallet) and the Graft super nodes (POS)


  • Less Costly
    Transactions on the bitcoin network has most recently been based on a "highest bidder" basis as miners get to attend to higher transaction fee payments than the lower ones. This, apart from imposing an higher cost also discourages micro-payments. Imagine I just needed to get a box of chocolate and all I have on me is my bitcoin wallet. Would I love to pay an 8$ transaction fee for a transaction in the 4$ region? I affirm not. This is one of the solutions graft is providing through the introduction of a unique approach to transaction fees. This is explained more in the next paragraph.

  • Who should Pay Transaction Charges?
    The traditional crypto has it that the sender pays for transaction charges, meanwhile, the traditional market scenario normally has it that a merchant considers all fees payable on a commodity and then builds it up in the price assigned to the product. Graft brings back this order unto the crypto space with a possibility of transactions wherein the seller pays for the transaction charges for transactions and even with a convenient charging algorithm that favors large payment and still encourages micro payments in terms of % of transaction amount paid as transaction fees.

graft 1.JPG
Image source; Graft white Paper

In conclusion, the image below represents the solution the graft network is bringing forward.

Image Source

Meanwhile, graft would be having an ICO (Innitial Coin Offering) from 18th January 2018.

For more information, head to the graft network here

To get more information about the Graft Blockchain, checkout the @originalworks blog or The Graft Writing Contest, sponsored by @originalworks



wow! this will further paint cryptocurrencies in a good light to the "doubting thomas" that are still skeptical about it. More innovations like this is what we want biko. I hope and pray other coins follow this promising path.

Thanks for your comment @senseibabs.

This will further paint cryptocurrencies in a good light to the "doubting thomas" that are still skeptical about it.

You can say that again bro. Use cases like this and what the steemit blockchain has given to us are one of those senarios that help in the wider spread of the crypto gospel.

I hope and pray other coins follow this promising path.

Truth is all cryptos should have their specific area of concern. @gratfs area of concern here is providing credible alternative payment solutions and that's why they have the features that they have. Ethereum for example won't claim to be solely for payments but known for smart contracts and the payment part of it is just by the side. Steem is mainly for this social network of ours and the payment attribute of it is only by the side too.

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