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Top 5 Safest Investment Long Term

All snap shots are taken from coinmarketcap and There you can see
Current price of coin, Market Cap, 24 hour volume generated, Total supply and its rank on coinmarkrtcap

  1. OmiseGo (OMG)
    OmiseGO is a coin based on Ethereum (erc20). The technology is used in mainstream digital wallet which enables peer to peer real time value exchange as well as payment service across both fiat and decentralized currency. It is planed or designed to enable financial inclusion and disrupt arising institution. It will be available to all via OMG network and digital wallet work which was started from 4th quarter 2017.
    OmiseGo believe that for the good and successful business via internet online payment system is compulsary or say its necessary. OMG provides user the necessary equipments to run an online business, exchange payments and connect them trillions of potential investers. It takes care of connecting and servicing relationship with developer and consumer (investors) that motivates users to focus on building great projects.
    OMG has already spread the market to Asia .
    Operation hubs:
    Singapore and many more
    The OMG blockchain comprises a decentralized exchange, plans, liquidity provider and asset-backed blockchain gateway. It is readable and public .

The team behind is very strong :
Roger Ver (CEO of
Dr. Gavin Wood (Co-founder of Ethereum)
Jae Kwon (Creator of Tendermine)
Joseph Poon (Lightning Network Co-Author)
Vitalik Buterin (Founder of Ethereum)
Vlad Zamfir ( Ethereum research lead)
Martin Becze (ethereum web assembly creator)
Pandia Jiang (Founder of Lisk Time)

The growth of OMG is steady and strong it is not a pump and dump coin.
Its potential is very much high. It is listed on more than 100 exchanges including Binance, Bittrex, HitBtc etc.
OMG will be great investment for long term run.

All Time high of the coin is $12.88

  1. TenX (Pay)
    Pay is a multi blockchain asset . It support bitcoin Ethereum and all ERC20 coins and tokens. It is a decentralized payment platform and decentralized security asset. There is a reward offer for the Pay holder about 0.5%. This platform connects business and any asset on the decentralized blockchain to the real world. It can be used as a payment system for business throughout the world.
    Tenx Team :
    Toby Horeinch (CEO)
    Michael Sperk (CTO)
    Julian Hosp (CVO) (medical doctor)
    Chris Micss (CFO)
    Tuhina Singh (Blockchain developer)
    Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum investor)
    Great project and great team behing great long term potential coin.
    All Time High of the coin is $5.00

  2. NEO:
    Neo is consider as a Chinese Ethereum but it is difference from ethereum . Neo is purposed build blockchain that works on other blockchian as well. But it mostly considers Chinese market. Chinese market is considered as one of the biggest market in globe where many investors are the manipulator of market. Neo has very interesting features. We can program in the neo blockchain using multiple language. Some are c#,JAVA and Go . C# is used for designing programs on .net (dot net) Framework which is used by windows to create applications.
    There are some tokens which are developed or created on the Neo based .
    Neo has many more long term potential to grow it the safest investment for the upcoming years. As the Chinese market grows the neo coin will definitely spike and it is sure that the Chinese market is one of the leading market in the world.
    IT is already listed on very large exchanges like Binance bittrex and others.
    All Time High of Coin is $162

  3. Ethereum (ETH):
    Ethereum is well known to all people and favorite investment of all. It ranks no 2 by market cap and is the leading platform blockchain. It has its own programming language . Ethereum works on own instruction and programs designed to overcome to decrease the fraud and third party interference.
    Ethereum is most undervalued at these price and may follow some dips from these time. All the upcoming coins and tokens are based on ethereum platform ERC20 platform. Ethereum is a believe of thousands of millions tokens and investors it is the most safe investment so far.
    The team behind are very strong you can check them on the website .
    All Time HIgh of the coin is $1377

  4. Bitcoin (BTC):
    Bitcoin is the boss coin of all. Bitcoin was first introduced to the market on 2009 . many developed country like Japan, Vietnam accepts bitcoin as a payment gateway. Strong politician accepts bitcoin as the business. Bitcoin is always been in the no 1 position and all other coins are traded on the basis on btc. BTC is listed on all the exchanges available. Bitcoin can create the history in the future and can replace the fiat. Todays generation prefer online transaction rather than carrying money on the pocket. And bitcoin and other cryptocurrency fulfills the dream. All big players and investors use bitcoin for business and payment gateway.
    All TIme High of the coin is about $19000

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor nor a heavy investor i am a crypto trader and the above statement is based on the research and past chart. All kind of profit and loss on the investment will be yours.
Crypto trading and investment is highly risky and may result in loss of property.

Regard: @dontmiss
crypto lover

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These are the safest coins you can say !


Thank You very very much sumit sir. i am always your follower and always been following you. thanks for all motivational videos

There are others with better future :)



i would be glad if you suggest some of them so i can do research and invest. Thanks for review

ethereum and bitcoin are best to invest in.. and yeah other coins are good too.. nice post...

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yeah man thanks for comment

Gud knowledge collector


thanks man hope you are doing good


ether is best of all after bitcoin. congrats in advance

ethereum and bitcoin are best to invest in.. and yeah other coins are good too.. nice post...

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I agree with u about 4 coin.. but Tenx is not safest investment.. I am not saying this is a risky but not safe..


i appreciate your research and promise that i will re research it and if there is any problem i will consider it thanks for the comment

A very good piece of advice, thanks a lot buddy. Keep doing this good work.


thanks to you too man. hope you are doing good

Bitcoin and Etherium can't scale.
Tenx and OmiseGO don't have a working product.

I couldn't find Bitshares, EOS or Steem in your list, which is a big fail.
Do you know ?

Just stay away from non scaling and not working products, is the safest bet.

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Nice post @dontmiss ! These are all promising cryptocurrencies.
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All of these coins are safest coin.

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