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RE: GridCoin - عملة تحمل راية الإنسانية والبحث العلمي

I hope you don't mind but I have google translated the text, you may want to put it into the main article:

It is no secret that now, especially with the emergence and expansion of information technology in the world, the world we live in today has undergone many radical and revolutionary changes that changed our way of seeing the world and the different interactions that occur in it. One of the most important of these developments is the emergence of electronic currencies that were not very important when they were launched. We are talking here especially about the BITCOIN currency, but I will not go into too much information about this currency because the resources on the network that show how the currency works are too many It does so clearly and accurately.

But what I want to talk about here is the secretions of the emergence of such a currency in cyberspace, and the world in general, as we can see today the existence of many currencies that are based on mining in various forms and varieties and values, but what will draw the attention of all is that The various currencies are scattered, lacking in moral value, societal or even moral value. The mining process itself is a process of disbursement and offers little moral value. It is closer to purely financial investment. The idea here is not an appeal to electronic currencies. Electronic currencies have brought something new to the world and have given greater power to people to deal with uncontrolled financial flows, and regardless of some of the negatives, they have made progress in liberalizing humanity from certain constraints.

Among the various currencies on the network there is a unique currency that started in 2013 and the TIP has managed over a period of creating a community of its own and based on its improvement and the development of the various technical resources on which it is based. This process was called GRIDCOIN, A follower of this currency knows well that it is more than just an electronic currency, since this currency depends on the so-called search guide, and this idea reflects the participation of many people around the world in mining this currency by sharing part of the capabilities of the processor, in the searches Scientific, medical, and various fields of human life, providing these People computing power necessary for many projects and scientific laboratories which are unable to obtain the energies of advanced computing, and thus they contribute directly to the most important scientific research in the world.

This currency is based on the open-source program developed by the University of California at Berkeley. There is no list of many existing scientific projects, and a person can participate in the project he wants, and evidence of the research, in return receives this currency whose value exceeds the moral value The fact that most of the people involved in this process were among the most important of the calculators of distributed computing for scientific research prior to the launch of the currency, evidence that the BOINC program has been providing this support to researchers since 2002, even before the emergence of electronic currencies.

However, despite this noble service offered by this currency, its price in the market is very small compared to the rest of the currencies. Perhaps the most damaging thing to this work is the prevailing mindset about scientific research in the public, the characteristics that aim to scientific research can only be established by Qualified people behind closed doors.

That is why we must say here that this coin has proved practically and practically that everyone can contribute to the progress of humanity, that everyone can belong to something greater than it, that scientific research is not exclusive to anyone.


Thanks you for the initiative.

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