HEX Scam Day 1 Distribution

in #cryptocurrency2 years ago (edited)

Day 1 of HEX token distribution is now over and new tokens are being minted.

To answer my favourite quote from today:

"You should have some falsifiable thesis, where something should go from scam to not-scam" - Richard Heart to Tone Vays

I think for me that would be not seeing something like near-50% centralization on day 1. Lots will be monitoring to see how it distributes going forward.


If you still believe HEX is the next evolution of BTC, claim yours while there's still time! (10% bonus if you use a referral)


Either way it will be an interesting project to watch.

EDIT: ETH account 0x9a6a414d6f3497c05e3b1de90520765fa1e07c03 is actually the ORIGIN account, which intentionally receives mirrored amounts of all HEX bonuses paid out. It makes sense that it will be the top holder. The contract pays itself HEX to this account, and ETH to the FLUSH account 0xDEC9f2793e3c17cd26eeFb21C4762fA5128E0399. Governance over both of these accounts is intentionally kept secret and remains a mystery.


Their Telegram is full of clueless people asking where to transfer.

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