From Decentralization Comes Freedom. Jeff Berwick on The Keiser Report [VIDEO]

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The next couple of years will be among the most defining in the short history of blockchain technology. We will see a battle unfold to determine which type of decentralized system is superior: one run by a super-intelligent AI or one regulated by the free market of We the People.

During a recent interview on RT’s Keiser Report, I had the pleasure of unraveling the current crypto landscape with Max Keiser. We dove deep into the current Ethereum vs EOS debate.

Ethereum’s Big Brother-esque supercomputer approach has worked admirably in managing the ecosystem.

But the big question is: what would happen if we---the living, breathing participants in the network---each played a role in protecting the blockchain?

This alternate methodology is exactly what EOS is seeking to create, and thanks to the genius work of developers like Dan Larimer, it’s being actualized.

Dan’s approaching this challenge firmly grounded in his voluntaryist, anarcho-capitalist ideals, preferring to let the market decide how the ecosystem flourishes. I wholly support this strategy and it’s also what Liberty Block is all about.

I discuss all of this and more in my interview with Max, which you can watch here:

From decentralization comes freedom. That’s Liberty Block’s motto and it’s also my philosophy. Indeed, this is how we can achieve prosperity, independence, and peace on Earth.

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Yes, Max Keiser is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing. Steemit is cool, too.

From Decentralization comes - undoubtedly - resistance to censorship but not necessarily freedom.

Of course, alienated entities can sometimes be posed as trap in communities around crypto, just like some groups try to rig a market in expansion & based on open-source which seem, at least for EOS, to only have made retarded code source due to a set of events, which not only seem to diverse the market, but also, to reinforce the possibilities of greater advancement in the field of crypto and their integration in society with all the possibilities around governments and intelligence agencies, businesses, and who know maybe sh*t head aliens of many types. Crypto and apps still are a bit tired of their lack of integration in society, since, govs still doesn't understand X and banks Y, and people Z, ....

Time will probably lead us, to know what, censorship, and freedom are about to provide to people with some type of mindset and some type of organizations and technology :/

Excellent article tought! I will seek knowledge on the web to find all the complementary info I would need related to such video instead of making ignorant and blessed idea.

With the help of EOS, I was able to profit around $4000 after my first year of being involved in crypto. Thank you Jeff Berwick.

Don’t get too happy fellas . We still have to deal with the realization that the deep state has a lot of military power . And I also found this . The old STEEMIT emblem that is exactly like the one for FREEMASON WITCHES ⁉️577B684A-752A-4AEF-BF6F-446AFF293C6B.png

Thanks for sharing your thoughts as always @dollarvigilante.

From my point of view, there is a lot of debate over the legality of fundraising and the long-term success of platforms like Ethereum and EOS.

Blockchain technology and decentralisation are grossly inefficient, but the rewards can be great. It makes sense for Bitcoin, as a sound money that hedges against inflation and government monetary policy. However, with many other projects (as we see in many of the ICOs), the inefficiencies of decentralisation will make it very hard for those projects to compete with their centralised competitors (think Facebook and Google).

If you have time, listen to the last 15-20 minutes of this podcast and let me know what you think. 👍

EOS May be one of the biggest project coming around, I mean, look, take ethereum for example, a lot of consuming and useless apps, at a high price are running on ETH, now EOS offer better solution for businesses but still, nobodies know how do use it properly with integration in society, and so, such, can poses a bit of problems to develop the right tools done right and used right about what to what. And lack of understanding only is a question of loading other services to patiently wait for the sync of the market of all means and exchange of value, but stay only, to know, how fools try to integrate IT software and hardware with function of society, IT will frustrate everyone when people will figure out the complexity of crypto, software, and society.

Yet another great interview Jeff. Those were great insights into the EOS project and what it aims to achieve. EOS seems to have many positive things going for it and as you said we will let the market decide based on its features. All the best to you and your team as you seek to be one of the block producers- Good luck :)

EOS vs Ethereum prefiero al EOS

Great insight! I love the information. Keep it coming!!!!!!

Great video with MAX MAN!! :)

Great interview. Thank you for both of you.

awesome production value. Libertyblock is on my list of 30 bps. I also have the name anarchaforko on eos if you're interested jeff.