24 Hour Change Top 30 Cryptocurrency - New Addition of Separate Steem Price & Chart - April 5, 2018

Please let me know what you think of the daily Steem chart addition, thanks for looking.

CoinMarkets.today by @penguinpablo, follow him on Steemit for daily Steem statistics.

Steem chart from CoinMarketCap


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Thanks! I'm interested in your profile picture, what does the text inside the speech bubble read?

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Seems like cryptos doing okay with just 3 coins in red. On the other hand, Steem is still hoding below $2 but I'm really looking for an uptrend in Steem. The short bullish trend is rather disappointing. Hopefully, it won't go any lower and go up instead.

Your analysis is vague... but true! Thanks for checking the charts out, I'd like the get your input on the charts I post in the future.

Certainly. I'll try to do that.

For today, crypto is fairing all the way. Let's hope it keeps that trend for a while. Great post though! Thanks for sharing.

Helpful post for all steemit and Crypto user. I really learn new things... @doctorspence

Learning is never too late :)

Good to see most of the coins are in green.

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