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RE: Why is always more profitable to trade alts vs BTC, not vs USD

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what does volume have to do with profit percentages??? You buy/sell for the specific price. If BTC is going up against any other alt then it's always better to not trade that alt and just hold bitcoin, even if that alt is going up against any other fiat, because it means BTC is going up even more than the alt against that fiat since everything is measured against the fiat... its really not that hard to understand...


One may place trades on the ETH/BTC pair, but when viewing the charts, higher volume pairs are important to view. ETH/KRW and ETH/CNY charts do not look the same as USD or BTC variants, yet they carry much more weight in volume and offer more accurate price data from which one may use in conjunction with BTC variants to make trading decisions and price targets.

Hi, when you said "If BTC is going up against any other alt ", does it mean the value of the pair ALT/BTC (e.g TRX/BTC) is going down, right?
-Current: TRX/BTC = 990st
-BTC up against TRX => TRX/BTX < 990st
-BTC down against TRX => TRX/BTX > 990st
is it correct?

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