What's your Favorite Crypto Exchange

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Hi Steemit

I recently signed up for 2 exchanges, gate.io and binance exchange



For withdrawals, with Gate.io you need a KYC process by uploading passport and photo of you holding a passport and a few days for approval. And Binance didn't ask for KYC for transactions under 2BTC worth per day. So if you are uncomfortable with KYC and don't want to wait a few days for it to get approved, you should choose Binance, 2 BTC per day is quite ok actually.


I bought PundiX(NPXS) and the withdrawal fee for gate.io is 0%+ 40 NPXS and Binance withdrawal fee was 800 + NPXS. 1 NPXS is around $0.002, so times that with 800, it's around $1.60, still cheap, but gate.io has much cheaper fee in this case

Both exchanges are easy to use and has similar safety features like SMS confirmation to your phones and email confirmations.

binance coin.jpg

There are more coins to choose on Binance as it is a much bigger exchange and therefore the market is more liquid for trading. I also bought some Binance coin while i was there.

What is your favorite crypto exchange and why?

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Binance and Bittrex! Those are my fav crypto exchanges at the moment! Anyway I am not concerning about the fee a much!



thank you theguruasia, yes fee is actually not so much as they compete with each other, most important is security and the coins available on the exchange, with Binance and Bittrex you would have most coins you want

I like Bittrex and Coinbase (especially Pro, formerly GDAX).
Poloniex used to be my goto trading site back in early 2017 but they changed a lot in the past year and a half.
Gate.IO kicked me off their site cuz they banned US customers!


thank you hotsauceislethal, i have used a few exchanges, but sometimes the one i haven't visited for i while, i would forget the password and feel lazy to come back there, i usually withdraw all coins after buying it, i am gonna keep Binance as they can offer token swaps, and cryptopia for the smaller coins not available on Binance. Yes, many crypto related things ban US customers, otherwise gate,io is quite good

I do not have a favorite exchange. The ones I use are all due to the coin or token traded there only. Perhaps Kucoin exchange and Binance are my favorites.


thank you freedomshift, yes they are competing with each other and the fees are usually quite cheap, binance have most coins i need and sometimes i use smaller exchange like cryptopia alsp

You listed good exchanges and yet they all tend to not have a certain coin at some point. Someday the exchange with free atomic swaps will be in your hand :-)


thank you floridanow, yes it would be nice and easy, maybe just through the mobile wallet can exchange any coins we like


I get it...makes sense.

Bittrex, because it was the first one I joined and i didn't have a need to discover others as Bittrex already has everything I need.


thank you runicar, i haven't used bittrex but many people said it is a good exchange, yes true unless you want a coin not available there, then you might want to go to another exchange


Yep, thankfully I have no money to invest in other coins so that won't be a problem, lol

That is valuable article and useful. great topic sir.
Have a great day


thank you goldcoin

@djohan, I really like to Bittrex and Binance exchanges coz there are more tokens can choose for us.Also safety and faster.


thank you madushanka, yes both exchanges are good, maybe only need 1 of the 2

Thank you for sharing! I will have to get into a Binance soon. Heard about Binsnce moving to Malta! Is it a wise location ?!


thank you kaminchan, Binance is easy to sign up and you don;t need KYC for 2 BTC withdrawal so it's pretty good, sometimes KYC takes few days and when we want to buy something, it seems a long wait. Not sure about Malta, but maybe smaller government is saver for cryptos as less likely to ban

Binance cuz it has Airswap and other "gems". Legit projects I believe are on here. They have an incubator for newer projects too.


thank you kevbot, yes another good thing about Binance, they don't just list any coin, pretty hard to get on Binance and usually the coin go up a lot when newly listed on Binance as people view it as legit coin. Not sure what is airswap, will take a look

Good morning @djohan, my exchange is Binance, because I like security, however, I'm constantly looking at what else appears, the more security you have, the better .
You have a good day:)


thank you martha75, yes it seems quite save as you need SMS and email confirmation to withdraw a coin

My famous is Binance


thank you kamchore, yes Binance looks like is the biggest exchange

Binance is famous exchange in now days , many persons are using it .


thank you spiritualpower, yes it is becoming the biggest exchange

Currently I am on bittrex exchange .


thank you pardeepkumar, yes i heard it is a good exchange, if it has all the coins you need maybe it's best to stick with that exchange

I usually trade with bitshares and crypto bridge exchangers because they are decentralize exchangers and are safe for keeping your coins on their wallet @djohan

bittrex is great exchange for me

My fav crypto is binance,because your binance wallet is totally save,binance gives you more benefits,Great post,

Beautiful crypto thanks for sharing this

Currently Bittrex ;)

Easy and not that of a hassle

My is binance only because it has huge volume really help when you have set your orders and at the same time when pump occurs other exchange don't meet the price of top i missed my two orders to get filled on bittrex

binance is really good exchange sid... I personally like it... thanks @djohan sir for share