The crypto shopping continues

in cryptocurrency •  3 months ago

Hi Steemit

Today i sold my Dogecoin, and I bought enjin coin. Doge has recently made a good gain , so i took some profit and bought a new coin


Enjin coin is actually a token on Ethereum and not a coin yet. Not sure why it's called as coin, it may be planning to have it's own blockchain and become a coin like TRON.

Enjin coin will be used as a currency in the gaming world to purchase items and can be earned by completing some tasks inside the game, and some game items can be sold back into enjin coin also. There is also Enjin Wallet which can hold Btc, LTC, and Ethereum Tokens.

So thank you Dogecoin


What do you think about Enjin coin and Dogecoin?

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Personally I won't buy Tokens! But Doge, it's one of the oldest crypto! Anyway buy at dip and sell in high! Nice you followed it! Hope you could make a good profit buy this purchase!



thank you theguruasia, token can sometimes make you big profit if it is successful as becomes coin with own blockchain, but yes more risky too

Dodge has potential super cheap and good for the coins that can't be traded for satoshi


thank you bitcoinman, yes it is actually quite useful even though many people say it has no use cases, but it is widely accepted in most exchanges, and the small value can be good to transfer and tip

Great trade on Dodgecoin....I really have not heard of Enjin coin before.


Thank you floridanow, enjin coin is currency to buy game items like Sword or Shields, it is also new for me, will start paying more attention as i have invested in some

It's good to take profits.
I don't know anything about Enjin.
Doge started as a joke or mockery but it gained acceptance - good for trading.


thank you freedomshift, yes Doge was just a joke but i t has become quite big and accepted in most exchanges, it is a good way to save though, as the transaction fee is small, when you have a lot you can change it into other coins

I didn't know enjicoin and about doge i think now is the moment to sell because when the date of hardfork arrived the price will fall strong and around 20-35 satoshis will be a great buy. Regards


thank you dim753, yes it was up a lot the last few days, so i was expecting a dip, so i sold before it is going down. But who knows, maybe they go up again tomorrow

Wish I had some fiat to invest in more Steem, but I bought at around 1.5$ and am all out of cash now. Why don't you buy more Steem now when it's this low? If btc doesn't go under 6k any more, this is the cheapest Steem we will ever have a chance to buy.


thank you runicar, I want to have more variety of coins, but yes it is quite cheap at around 1 dollar

@djohan, I guess ENJ coins better for hodl long term. Price not shown immediate up. But never known DOGE. Buying cryptos better for this time.


thank you madushanka, i am buying the coins i wanted to buy in the past but felt it was expensive, now it is on sale so i am buying

Good morning, @djohan, Enjin coin, I really do not know much about it, I'll have to look. . Dogecoin, this coin has its ups and downs like everyone else, but I like it.
Have a good Sunday:)


thank you martha75, i like to use dogecoin to accumulate and like a savings account, when i have only a little cash to buy crypto, I don't want to buy 0.0001 BTC, so i bought Doge, when it accumulates and price is good i would sell it for other coins

You are doing very well! Good move on Dogecoin!
Things are going to heat up in October!?


thank you kaminchan, yes hopefully it will heat up in October and into the Christmas time like last year

This is valuable article , so great crypto experience . thanks for sharing
Have a nice day


thank you goldcoin

Sometimes small crypto tokens gives big gain. So all the best for your shopping.


thank you spiritualpower, yes smaller number makes people feel it is cheap sometimes and can encourage more buyers, but actually it is just the same

Good luck for your crypto shopping .


thank you pardeepkumar

don't buy doge right now it is all pump and dump coin best buy at under 40 Sat's i made a mistake when the bull run was going on and bought it at high


thank you blazing, yes i sold it yesterday before it went down, i bought at much lower price

These times I'm unsure about the crypto as the value is decreasing continuously. wish you luck


thank you wa2qr, yes it has been down a lot this year, i like to buy when it is cheap

Well sounds cool by the way ;)

As for the recent jump on the price of Dogecoin that was cool by the way


thank you rehan12, yes it was a big jump, and i usually sell when it starts to go down like yesterday

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I've been holding Enjin Coin for so long...

lwts hope you get good profit from newly bought xoin enji 😉