Ontology Token Swap

in cryptocurrency •  2 months ago

Hi Steemit

I just realised that i had Ontology Airdrop because i own NEOs, it's been on my wallet for months, and there is Token Swap as they are launching the mainnet. Deadline of Token Swap is end of September


I read some tutorials and one of the way to swap token is to send it to exchanges including Binance. So i deposited the tokens on Binance, but then there is a message a month ago that the token swap has been completed on Binance, so meaning i was late for token swap.

Binance Swap.jpg

To check if my tokens are the new tokens, i bought some more Ontology from Binance, and the Balance added up, so it seems my tokens are the new ones, and i tried to sell and it was allowed too.

So do you think the NEON wallet did the swap for me or did Binance swap the tokens automatically on deposit?

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I had transferred my Etherium classic from the exchange (Binance, I think) to my Classic Mask wallet to receive the token (CLO, I think) but I never did see the token but did not check recently ...


thank you freedomshift, you should keep checking until you received i think, just in case

I think Binance did it. They do perform these services in the past.


thank you floridanow, yes i remember it was still token on Neon Wallet. Another good thing about Binance then, maybe i should buy more Binance coin

In my case the things were equal, and the answer is binance swap the tokens automatically on deposit, ont is a great project maybe we could see it over $10 next year. Regards


thank you dim753, it is really helpful if they did that and keep me as loyal customer of Binance. Yes ONT looks like a a great coin to own too

Wow! You have many different cryptos and coins!!
Thank you for sharing! I still couldn’t find time to get to Binance! There is so much to learn and catch up with!


thank you kaminchan, getting on Binance only took 1 minute, choose user name, password, enter email and a mobile phone number for confirmation and login

I am first time listening this token . I have less knowledge about cryto .


thank you pardeepkumar, it is now one of the top 20 coins on coinmarketcap

I have no idea , so I can't say something .


thank you spiritualpower, no worries

I guess binance did that they have been no one exchange for many reason and this might be one of that too ;) congratulations


thank you blazing, yes that would be very helpful as it can be quite complicated sometimes to do the coin swaps.

Maybe Binance did the token swap for you automatically after you bought the new ontology token to deposit on your old ones. This may be a new tricks to swap tokens that has not been swap before @djohan

you hve got good advantage by buying at low price i hope you will get good profit in future