Fantasy Football with Nolimitcoin

in cryptocurrency •  3 months ago

Hi Steemit

The NFL season for 2018 has started and i am excited to play Fantasy Football with Nolimitcoin


There is also daily fantasy football special 50k Nolimitcoin contest for the game on September 10th

50k nlc.jpg

If you are new and you want risk free games, there is also freerolls, where you can win up to 400 Nolimitcoins. I have just Drafted my team and entered them in the freerolls.

The Fantasy football is now changed into daily instead of weekly like last year.

You think you know football, come and test your skills, and win nolimitcoins


This is my referral link, register and get free 50 Nolimitcoin which you can use to play Fantasy sports

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I will check this out through your ref link when I get a free time today! It seems interesting and good to see coins now based on sports and entertainments! Thank you for this information!



thank you theguruasia, the fantasy sporst market is very big market, and this coin is attempting to get a piece of the pie, it is also fun to play, and just play the free roll games first so no risk, just rewards and fun

That looks like fun!
I am not into football, but it could be fun now with this AND states are now allowed to make sports betting legal in the USA.


thank you freedomshift, yes i didn't like football in the past, but after playing Fantasy sports, now i love it

I don’t no much about Limitcoin. Is this big is Asia?


thank you floridanow, it is actually in the US, biggest market for Fantasy Football

What's your biggest holding now?


hi kevbot, my biggest is now EOS

Thanks for the information and very useful . good post @djohan
Have a nice day


thank you goldcoin

Good evening @djohan, well, here I do not have much to say, I hope you enjoy. I think my son will participate, I will tell him when he comes from his job, @dim753 my beautiful son.
Have a nice afternoon:)


thank you martha75, i didn't know dim753 is your son, he seems to like sports, it is fun to play fantasy sports while watching the game, but only for fun and not play too much

This is a tough one for me! I am not very good at sports except swimming!

Wishing you lots of winning!


thank you kaminchan, there maybe fantasy sport for swimming in the future, I am not so good at swimming, but still ok to survive

I never played this game . So it's tough for me .
So enjoy your game and play well .


thank you spiritualpower

I have no knowledge how to play this game . Best of luck to you .


thank you pardeepkumar

Time to go beyond limits with predictions ;)


thank you blazing, i really like this coin as this is one of the few that i can use

Best wishes for your team. Play well dear friend .

Everyone is so exited for NFL sports games,football is very interesting game,Everyone player play the game with heart,Every player so hard working his team,I really like football,thanks for sharing update,