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Hi Steemit

These last few weeks i have been buying and posting precious metals, now i am buying some cryptos.

It feels like going to a store and everything is on sale. Many cryptos that i was interested at few months ago but decided to wait for lower price now look very tempting to buy.

These are a few that i recently purchased


I first bought NEO mid of last year after the FUD that brought down the price to inder 20 dollars. When it went up to over 100 dollars i regretted not owning more NEO, so this time i bought more


This is the first time i bought Verge. It just looks so cheap compared to its all time high, accepted in many exchanges, and has decent volume, so i decided to buy


Tenx was so promising at the start and during Ico, and then it was quite disapointing and the price dropped a lot. I bought at much higher price, so i bought more to make my average buying price better

What other coins do you think i should buy and why? And what do you think of the 3 coins i just purchased?

Thank you for viewing

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All 3 are good investments! But I wish you might think about BTS, STEEM as well!



thank you theguruasia, I don't really understand about BTS, Steem i will buy near to the next upgrade release

NEO is the one that stands out to me....very nice upside.


thank you floridanow, it is up these few days already, and can get air drops and GAS too

I like Kucoin shares and Binance especially - good if you trade on those exchanges. Kucoin shares pays dividends or profit share, so, I get a lot of coins and tokens as a result. You'll never know any of them might be worth something.
I have all three but have not added lately at much lower prices - just HODLing for now.
NEO is good in the same way, you get Gas from HODLing NEO.


thank you freedomshift, yes those 2 are good exchanges, i might buy some as i don't own any exchange coins. Huobi maybe also good?


Huobi maybe also good?

Don't know but I have heard about it ...

Am so much knowledgeable about the different cryptos other than that of steem.

I think you can as well buy some steem since its also in its lowest this year. The price of steem will recover soon given the fact that the SMTs are about to be released that is around early January. When this happens its believed that the price of steem will improve drastically. Therefore its the best time to stake some steem.


thank you yohan2on, Yes probably a good time to buy Steem now as it hasn't gone up , and other cryptos have gone up a lot. A new upgrade usually will be good for the price too

Thank you for sharing! I think you know about crypto better than me! I follow Clif high and Bix Weir. Would like to get some veritasium though! Litecoins is a must, I think!



thank you kaminchan, Bix always recommend Veritasium, luckily i didn't buy, it's down a lot. You better listen to more than those 2 people. But maybe can buy Veritasium since it is looking cheap. In crypto there is no expert as it is something new


Thank you very much for your good advice! I don’t actually buy cryptos with fiat. I only get what my Steem tokens can be exchanged into a few cryptos.
You are right, both of them often get it wrong. I guess there is no real market in cryptos, it’s all manipulation at the moment.
Much depends on luck and timing!

Thanks for the information and very useful .great crypto experience
have a great day


thank you goldcoin

@djohan, You bought better advantage indeed cryptos. NEO & Verge had interesting moment past days I've seen. Currently seemed crypto crash. Hope it will be rise. But I never heard TenX before. How about it?


thank you madushanka, yes the 2 have gone up a bit since i bought few days ago. Tenx is a card that can covert your crypto into cash that you can spend in the shops for daily transactions, and the token holder get a commision from the fees generated from the card transactions

Very interesting proposal i want to know more about your investment, i don't like verge because it has a big supply i mean i like coins with less supply commonly when they receive a good volumen the price goes up fast. Have a nice day.


thank you martha75, yes the supply is really a lot and the price is pennies per coin. I see what you mean. But the biggest supply coin like Dogecoin has been doing great these few days.

May your 3 investment will give you great profit @djohan


thank you kamchore

Best wishes for crypto shopping . you will earn good profit .


thank you spiritualpower, it's been going up these few days

Good crypto currency buying , I have no good knowledge about crypto , so I can't suggest you .


thank you pardeepkumar, yes actually no one is expert as crypto is still new

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Tenx was so promising at the start and during Ico, and then it was quite dissapointing and the price dropped a lot.
It should be disappointing instead of dissapointing.


thank you grammarnazi

Well even i have been shopping some NEO is the best choice amongst this and i guess you should add Tron as well


thank you blazing, i bought TRON just few minutes ago. lol. I got Mcdonald's coin airdrop from Tron. And a fake 1 Bitcoin worth 3 cents.

great to see you shopping many coins and so as you i believe in crypto too i hope it will be best chance ..

Think you made good choices.. Not sure about XVG tho! Think TenX will take time but become strong

To be very honest, Neo was recommended to me by one of my teacher in the online field. and now it is 25 % up. I think Neo is a good choice to buy. Best of luck for your investment in Crypto sir.

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