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Hi Steemit

Today i was shopping for TRON. It has recently migrated into its own blockchain successfully and i have been receiving airdrops from holding TRON. I previously bought at higher prices so it is my chance to add some more cheaper TRON. I think it makes sense as it is a better coin that before at lower price


I have a bad habit of buying a coin before doing much research on it, so i usually buy just a little if the coin is new to me, after a while i gain more knowledge on the coin and then would add more coins if i think it is a good investment. I am not motivated to research a coin I do not own.

Another reason is probably because the price hasn't gone up much compared to some other coins, only 4% up

tron price.jpg

What do you think about TRON?

Do you think it is a good time to buy more cryptos or do you think we will see lower prices?

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With their Smart Contract platform, they can do better! Moreover, it's based on China! So we all know it might be at Top 20 CMC! Nice investment and yeah a good choice!



thank you theguruasia, yes it was so cheap in the past and made good gains, now a little bit cheaper again. China has big potential for cryptos

To is the time and DGB is the one I feel is quite undervalued.


thank you floridanow, i sold my Digibyte because i got lucky buying at 1 cent just before December and then it jumped up to 10 cent ish. Maybe it's time for a buy back

Interesting buy i mean tron is a coin that people love and hate at the same time, in my opinion i don't believe in this project but i have to say something the ceo and owner of this token is a old fox when we talk about marketing so maybe in the future he can move his strategies and create some fomo hehehe. Regards


thank you dim753, yes it is hard to find a good crypto, so do not invest too much into 1 coin only.

I heard about TRON after it skyrocketed from $0.04 to $? I forgot but pretty high.

So, it's back down now ...


thank you freedomshift, Tron was super cheap around $0.002 and skyrocketed to more than $0.20 within a month. So it became famous, now it has gone down a bit and has moved to it's own mainnet

@djohan, I don't know lot of about TRX tokens. These days seems some better movement. This is a time for buying dip and hodl. Price can be go higher.


thank you madushanka, yes it is good time to buy the dip now

This is very educational for me! Your comment section is very helpful! I am learning new thing everyday!
Thank you.


thank you kaminchan, no one is expert yet in cryptos, so the best way to learn is to share information together

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thank you steemitboard

Thanks for the information and very useful. the great invest.
Thanks @djohan
Have a great day.


thank you goldcoin

Hello @djohan, last year I bought TRON and it is in my wallet, I no longer buy, answer your question. . Today I bought Steem and I have 500, I consider that this platform is reliable, well, its way of buying cryptocurrencies is respectable, but I analyze, investigate, especially I inform about SUPPLY, about the coin before buy.
Have a happy day:)


thank you martha75, wow if you bought last year when it was under 1 cent, it would be great profit for you. Have you exchanged your old Tron Token into Tron Coin?


Good evening @djohan, of course

Yes it is always wise decision to purchase worthy currency when it is cheaper. Tron has a potential to rise high. Wish you good luck @djohan


thank you kamchore, yes and we can get free airdrops of new tokens built on Tron

There are many crypto currencies on crypto exchanges . We can't guess which is best for buying .


thank you spiritualpower, yes there are thousands, hard to pick

I have no knowledge about Tron , am first time listening about it .


thank you pardeepkumar, Tron is in top 15 of coinmarketcap, it recently became coin from before it was token

Yeah you are a right this is a great time to purchase this coin.because this coin price is very low in market.Some days later People investment more money in this coin.and this coin price going up in the market.this investment give you many profit.thanks for sharing.

Well that's a great choice for sure and holding it will definitely be great today i bought some Sia coin it has been down too much hoping it will go up :)

I had also invested in Tron, but since then it's price has dropped so much.

tron is also rocking greatly 😍

Well do not have any but as far as I have heard it sure is a smart choice :)