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Hi steemit

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The crypto shopping continues, and today i bought Theta Tokens. I have bought some in the past, the price has gone down a bit in the recent bear market in cryptos. Theta will launch its own blockchain in Q4 of 2018, and the current ERC20 tokens will be exchanged into the new tokens on the new blockchain. So i will be accumulating more tokens before the launch.


Company investors, including big names like Samsung

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It used to be a scary experience when a cryptocurrency token was moving into it's own blockchain and you need to exchange your old tokens into the new ones. EOS was my first, and then TRON, after that it wasn't too hard and i feel it is just one of the processes that many token holders will have to go through

For more information please visit their website

What do you think about Theta Tokens?

this is not a financial advice, i am just sharing what cryptos i am invested in

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I could remember once you talked about THETA! Anyway it's a scary experience when token moves to their own blockchain! Hope that migration might work well! Useful information and really appreciate it!



thank you theguruasia, it is now easier as some exchanges offer this service to exchange it for you on the migration date

Im holding a bunch of Theta right now! Waiting for this launch to happen too :)


thank you hotsauceislethal, yes hopefully go up when the launch is on time and successful

My friend you have made a wise choice here. HODL , watch and wait....repeat ...this is a 2-4 minimum hold in my humble opinion


thank you floridanow, 2-4 days? lol , yea at least next year when they are on their own blockchain


3-4 years.... :-)

Well, I have no idea ...

All the best to you!


thank you freedomshift, one of the team was involved in creating youtube i think.

The best token project and great work. thanks for the information.
Have a great day


thank you goldcoin

@djohan, I never heard before about Theta Tokens. Buying continuously great work. Seemed like best token project.


thank you madushanka, yes hopefully as good as I expected, if they deliver their plans in their roadmap, it should be good

This will be very popular andbevome main stream in the future!


thank you kaminchan, yes when they get their mainnet launch and start working the product

You are buying new new crypto tokens. Best wishes and good luck .


thank you spiritualpower, we should spread the money into different coins

All the best for your theta token shoppoing .


thank you pardeepkumar

Sounds like a cool project !

Will sure look into it buddy


thank you rehan12, sounds like the problem they are solving really needs a blockchain solution, if implemented successfully

well this could be on my wishlist from now on as the market got dumped today have to wait a little bit to buy again hahha


thank you blazing, yes all the gain this week is gone in one day, but it's fine as i am in accumulating mood

how are you remembering all those coins you bought are you listing it somewhere because even when i buy 2 3 tokens i really forget which sites i hve joined

Good decision your old token price will be down day by day,and you lose your money day by day,And now you invest your money other token,hopefully this token price going up day by day,this token gives you benefit,thanks for sharing,

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Its never a bad idea to get a little bit of everything, you never know how high or low things will go.