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Dash saves Venezuela from Collapse? (video/podcast)

in cryptocurrency •  3 months ago

how has it saved venezuela....well so far anyways?

hey i'm all for the value of dash in real world use case (or for most crypto for that matter), i'm just trying to figure out how much data collaborates the wide statement being made

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I'm afraid your question is very vague. I presented some data in the video about the listings on Discover Dash. If that doesn't answer your question, I don't really know what kind of data you're expecting. It's not like we can analyse the blockchain directly and say there are x commercial transactions in Venezuela, or that it has saved y people $z from the devaluation of the bolívar. It's not that simple; we're talking about an emerging market (crypto) being used within an emerging market (Venezuela) during a chaotic period.

If you expect that things are going to be clear-cut, black and white in a situation like that, it's just not going to happen.

Besides, I didn't claim that Dash has saved Venezuela. I merely asked the question.

·'s just implied that way it was worded,

btw. did you manage to research any further besides the video? thanks for the's inspiration (probably should have started on this tone :D )

i do hope saving a national economy becomes a great use case for dash....along with other crypto including Steem of course ;)


Thanks man, much appreciated.

Yes, it is kind of implied, but I don't know if Dash has started to save Venezuela, is saving it, will save it in the future, or none of the above. Time will tell, but people are benefiting.

Yes, I've researched it quite a lot and I hope to present more of my research in future videos.

Take care


that is excellent news! looking forward for sure @cryptonomics1 will also spread the word and share this post in various community!