Bitconnect Landing Secret To Earn More?

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every one i am sure tell now you all are aware of the BTC segwit2x. that had let the BTC price drop down its best time now for the investment. So buy as many BTC as you can. The Bitconnect is also lost it price for now. Don't worry the BTC and Bitconnect will gain it price back soon.

if you have not start in bitconnect landing i will strongly recommend you to get a account and start the investment as soon as possible.

To start deposit BTC to you bitconnect website the link is above. than exchange BTC to BCC. for the dashboard click on lending the min amount is 100$.

ones you have started you lending with 100$ for example. if you daily payout is at the 0.90 %( that is never that low its always around 1% +)
after the landing you will get your daily payout so mostly around 7 to 8 day after 1st landing you will have 10$ profit in you lending wallet.

Now here is the Secret that had work for me with out risking my 1st investment.

ones you get 10$ in you lending wallet reinvest that 10$.
till you can make 10$ per day if you start with 100$ as you investment after 180 days around you will start getting daily 10$ stop reinvest. almost in 1 month the will get you 100$ back.
and you will be still getting daily profit.
after you 1st investment you have taken it out you can just start reinvesting or you can wait for it to become 100$ again for the landing.

so at the end of the year you must have already collected you 1st investment and you still making profit risk free.

so at the end most with 100$ at 0.9% you mast have 2,200 around. and you will still get daily payout as long as you invest or reinvest.

i will say keep reinvesting ones you 1st investment is out in you hands feel free to reinvest.

you can also do BitConnect Coin Staking Interest
for Staking interest is very easy

You require to hold your BitConnect Coin minimum for 15 days to start earning Staking interest. You will see PoS minting Block in your wallet anytime after 15 days, the number of block you earn are based upon the number of coins you hold in wallet software.

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I wish I was able to follow you earlier. also thanks for the conspiracy letter. really appreciate it! I have sold my BTCs as I have panicked and took some profits anyway! should I wait for another bounce back before jump back on BTC? Is there anything that could impede what already happened in the past 48 hours? Definitely now we know that few can manipulate the market. Many thanks