The Spirit of Nakamoto Lives On: Digiwage

in cryptocurrency •  9 months ago

When our fearless leader, Satoshi Nakamoto, released Bitcoin on that fateful day in January 2009, he captured our hearts as he developed a currency with a spirit that we all aspired to someday have aqueous within our bodies – a spirit of independence – transparency – accountability – decentralization. This spirit has morphed into our ethos as the next generation of developers and pioneers continued to build upon his legacy. This ethos has kept us going to build amazing technologies across all industries. From 0x protocol and smart contracts, to Monero and private ledgers, and coins like TRON – well, maybe not TRON – we’ve continued to live through his spirit.

Along the way, each new project aimed to realize the future that we all aspired to live in – a world where every action taken was publicly accessible and transparent – a world where global citizens weren’t forced to endure currency regulation by governing bodies – a world where global citizens could operate independently of large financial institutions and live the lives they desired without interference. This is the spirit of Satoshi. This is what crypto strives to achieve. We’ve come a long way, and still have a long way to go, but the time will come. Part of the eventual solution, however, is building platforms that can sustain the lifestyles described above. Unfortunately, we’ve become distracted with the shiny objects – the wicked application of blockchain to all the things. We’ve forgotten about the necessities, and need to focus on those first and foremost to build our digital infrastructure that can conquer the future.

Enter Digiwage, a cryptocurrency that combines the gig platform with cryptocurrency. Their website calls the offering a “Decentralized Freelance Workplace”, and they’ve started what appears to be the next Fiverr – for crypto. Through their platform, freelancers can post their skills for hire, bid on job requests, and receive payment in Digiwage. Like many of the other gig-based platforms, the Digiwage team has created a simple user interface to streamline the process, with a full backend of token support. This is the future that Satoshi envisioned – a world where we can live and work however we choose, in a decentralized fashion, and Digiwage is making it a reality. There have been an overwhelming amount of coins and technologies that promise the future, but only emulate what’s been done in the past. Digiwage has stepped away from the herd and listened to the ethos of Satoshi.

While other developers focus on the next shiny thing, Digiwage is focusing on how to bring the spirit of Satoshi to life. They’ve built an environment for anyone to thrive in – to live how they choose by offering services in the crypto sphere. That spirit of independence and decentralization is alive and well, and Digiwage is going to provide infrastructure that we will build upon for many years to come. Cheers, Digiwage, and may the spirit of Satoshi live on.

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Great community on discord and the dev team worked hard to get the freelance platform up and running. Best of luck!


Yes, dev is very competent, responsive to the community's suggestions and open minded. I like this project and it's one of the few projects which have working platforms/applications. They have a good marketing team and I see huge prospect of this project once the platform is 100% completed. Coin has recently adapted POS tech, which is another positive points because auto-trading pools cannot mine and dump!