How to Get Woke With Sh*tcoins

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Let's get woke and learn about sh#tcoins. These are coins which are garbage but you can still make mad dough with them. You just have to be super duper careful and you still might gett burned. You might also get woke.

Here are some of my experiences with some of the worst coins out there.

Monkey Project

I made a killing with this. It's a total garbage coin that has no use case (except I think they were talking about doing donations to some kind of monkey fund lol I'm not kidding). It used to be staking where you sometimes hit super and ultra blocks. The ROI was 365% with tons more for the super/ultra blocks. Anyway, someone exploited the staking system and they had a whole mess where they shut down the blockchain or something, and now they have masternodes.

I bought in towards the very beginning when they were around $2/coin. I had several hundred coins and I staked like a madman (I once staked 60 monkey in a day lol) and then sold them all anywhere from $12-16. They are now sitting around $2 I think. Who cares, I'm out.


This was my darkest moment haha. I bought at $0.60 and it crashed down to like $0.0005 or something. I bought a bunch on CoinsMarkets (which was an obvious scam, come on people). The problem was that it crashed in price right after I bought. OOPSIES. Then the whole thing stopped working multiple times. I remember there was only one dev and once in Discord, I remember he said he couldn't work on fixing the issues since he needed to buy some RAM for his computer and the stores were closed for a long holiday weekend. I think they forked from PIVX and rebranded as AeriumX or something. I did eventually sell at $0.25, with some additional coins I'd staked, so no biggie I guess.


I have a bunch on a shared MN in Staking Labs now and I bought in at $2. It went up to $5 but they had some exploit issue so they made a new chain and did a coin swap. They actually plan to come out with a DEX and a hardware wallet and other interesting things, so there is a slight chance this might not be total garbage.

I took some profits but mostly have compounded the masternode rewards. I'm now selling all the rewards and hoping it pumps soon.


I bought at $0.06 and it crashed to like $0.0005 or something. Bah. I put in only a small amount so whatevs. I think they split into OPC and OPCX or something but total garbage.

PlatinumBAR (XPTX)

This is a mysterious and fascinating coin. It is 230% staking ROI. It just a coin, nothing more. It's actually been around for a couple years. Go look through the bitcointalk ANN thread, it's fascinating. One dev seemingly. It is holding real steady at about $1 even through this extended bear market. I'm staking it and watching.

Ignition Coin / Bitcoin Green

I made some decent returns on these in shared masternodes in Staking Labs, then sold them for Deviant. They are a decent investment now I'd say.


I made the bad mistake of buying a MN when it was too expensive, and now it's worth less, but it's been rallying and holding steady at $0.04-ish. It's 300+% ROI so I'm just holding my MN and selling the rewards for now.


Garbage coins are fun and can be insanely profitable but also can totally burn you in an instant. Be careful out there and have fun getting woke as %^$%^


Im all in after your post :)

My plan right now is to use some of the steem I earn to do a shared node of gin on staking lab, along with a Medic coin node (coins I am earning form their mobile app) to mess around with the “Sh*tcoins” maybe deviant

GIN RULES. good plan.

now I only need more steem…

I am hoping that staking lab adds stakenet so I can dump medic coins for stakenet