# Considering Rogers' innovation/adaption graph.

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So this is a chart i actually love to look at when there is a new thing buzzing in the air and it's looking hot

You probably have seen this model / chart before and might know how to use it.
But if you don't i'll try to explain it anyway

This model describes the adoption of a new thing -an innovation- by the mass public, and states that any new innovation will follow this curve.

So, there are five blocks along this line, these are relative segments in time.
The percentage in eac segment tells us the amount of the mass public who have adopted this new tech.

Adoption of STEEM
So the adoption of Steemit also follows this curve, right? Because Rogers says so.
Knowing this, we can look at the Steemit platform and try to determine (think, then guess, its not an exact science) at which point along the line the Steemit now is.
I think Steemit hasn't been adopted by general public at this point in time, but nevertheless Steemit is growing and this growth is also increasing.
So, i would place Steemit somewhere along the "Early adopters" segment, probably more on the right than on the left.
That would leave us with an adoption percentage of about 8 - 12%, leaving open some 90%.
If my guess is about right, that means Steemit has A LOT more potential to grow before being adopted by the masses.

Adoption of Bitcoin
Another nice example to look at is the adoption of Bitcoin by the masses.
Think of any point in time before 2017 and then consider where Bitcoin was along the Rogers graph, how many people were actually using btc or were at least involved?
That point is somewhere far left of the graph, right?
And where are we now, today?
I would say we are somewhere around the top, maybe just passed it, and right about now the "late majority" of people, which would be the big 34%,
is slowly adopting the new innovative thing called cryptocurrency

Nice guessing bro
Like i said, this is not an exact science, mostly used in economics as a tool to help determine growth and scale in an abstract way.
I like it, because it;s easy to use and needs no calculation, and there is quite alot to see in this super simple visualisation.
Of course, it all depends on your guess, if that is way off, then everything else is off too, so keep that in mind!
And don't use for financial models, that would be too risky.

Anyway, i hope the Rogers curve is now peanuts for every Steemian, and i hope it might be useful for you someday!

And don't be one the laggards, you slow f.....


Now, my planned post was about #blockchain and it's adoption but i'll save ![rogers_2.png]that stuff for a rainy day. I'm done now.

I'm gonna roll a big fat smoke, put on some techno music and enjoy my weekend, and my neighbours also :)

Have a good one , peace.


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