Introducing Dether: the world's first peer-to-peer ether network.

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Hi everyone,

This is Abdelhamid, cofounder at Dether, the world's first Dapp that enables anyone on Earth to buy ether using cash and spend it at physical stores.
Dether is powered by Ethereum smart contracts and available on any smartphone.
Our mission is very simple: break barriers to Ethereum adoption! Buying ether is currently a long and difficult process. It takes time and costs money. Central institutions still play a major role. More than 2 billion adults remain excluded from Ethereum by being unbanked. And the last mile issue has yet to be solved.
That's the reason why we are launching a fully peer-to-peer and decentralized solution.
We're a team of 7 Blockchain and Ethereum passionnates. We're working on an Alpha that will come out this summer.
We just opened our Slack to our community, please join us in participating in the next killer app for Ethereum mass adoption!


metamask is blocking the webpage as having malicious code.

Hello, sefanbx the were an issue from metamask several websites were impacted, the issue has been solved.

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Sounds like a great concept... I hope it works out well! We need great apps like these.

hi oriongazer! thank you for your encouragment! :)

Good to know, thank you for share! Greetings from Hungary! Upvoted and restreemed!

The sooner the better. I hope it works out. This is how you take Ethereum to the next level.

That's an amazing app that will make ETH accessible to the masses. I also think it needs lots of publicity so I resteemed and upvoted. Thanks for sharing and wish u lots of success :)

hello praticaleric!
thank you for support us! it's exactly what we want breaking barriers for mass adoption of the ethereum.
Have a nice day!

this is interesting @dether! thank you

"spend it at physical stores."
this isn't available in my country yet, is it?

May I know how much you charge for the service fee and ...
the conversion is?

Hello purepinay,
Thank you for your support! We will soon launch the alpha release of our application. if you want to be informed when it will be released join our slack : or sign up for the alpha on our website.

For the service fee there is no fees for you, the fees are supported by the stores!

Have nice day!

great concept . keep it up

Hello mingled.mind,
We are working very hard on this project
Thank you for your support!

Interesting! I realy like your mission statement. Good luck with giving shape to this great id!!

Hello bigb123,

Thank you for your feedback!

Have a nice day!

Sounds cool , nice strategy too

Hello shines,
Thank you for your feedback!
Have a nice day!

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