Introducing: Carbon Zero - The Carbon Neutral Alternative to Bitcoin

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Hello cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts, I trust you're having a great time today. For a couple of months I have consistently been reviewing many cryptocurrency projects, investing and making suggestions/recommendations to my friends and followers. I have come across many copy and paste projects, especially among Masternode coin projects but today met me with inexplicable excitement to come across a project very distinct and outstanding in plans and use-case, as proposed.


Let me introduce you to Carbon Zero (CZE)-- the carbon neutral alternative to Bitcoin. Their slogan is "Pull the Plug on Bitcoin. Save the Planet. Get Paid". Let me help you understand what that means. First of all, we all know that Bitcoin mining is one of the most energy consuming processes in the world. Here's how Carbon Zero solves this issue:

When you run a Carbon Zero coin-masternode, you mine all the rewards and you keep them. Great. But you also get issued ERC-20 tokens. You send those tokens to a smart contract created by the CZE team, and you get ETH in return immediately -- all automatic. Wait WHAT? Why? Because your ERC-20 tokens are used as carbon credits/ carbon offsets. When you send them to the smart contract, the CZE team burns them, and converts them to carbon credits then sells them on carbon exchanges, then funds the smart contract. And the cycle continues forever.

Q: So I will make money from mining a CZE masternode AND pretty much get free ERC-20 tokens that can be liquidated as well? What's the catch?
A: Yes. There is no catch.

Read more about this mind-blowing concept in Carbon Zero's 32 page white paper and/ or their BTC Talk ANN.

More Distinctive Facts About Carbon Zero Project:


• Carbon Zero combines distinct basic components of cryptocurencies into a complex yet effective protocol known as the Carbon Zero Protocol. Three basic things: coins, masternodes, and ERC-20 tokens.

• Pioneer in the sense of combining coins and ERC-20 tokens and first masternode coin to issue ERC-20 tokens to its holders. (DYOR)

• First cryptocurrency to introduce carbon credits.

• First masternode project to actually launch with a detailed white paper. (See Whitepaper link above)

• One of the very few masternode projects with a plan in place for growth of value.

• Also one of the very few masternode projects that have a clear vision & purpose.

• First masternode project to launch with governance & budgeting already in place.

• These project Provides a fair advantage to all early adopters-- launching with 30 running MNs of which all the mined rewards will be burned at the official burn address.

• Carbon Zero coin's scarcity & low inflation from the start is a proven method of steady value growth.

• Well-versed and well-known founders.

• A masternode coin with the latest technology.

• Carbon Zero is not a get-rich-quick-ROI-dependent project. This is a Promising long-term investment for those like me who love to invest for the future.


The Carbon Zero team will be listing their CZE coin on Cryptopia very soon. Yes. Cryptopia. Cryptopia is a well known cryptocurrency exchange that offers one of the largest selections of altcoins on the market today (as you may already know). Cryptocurrency traders often use Cryptopia when they are looking for promising altcoins. Without a presale even, they are fully funding their entire first exchange listing along with a few core investors. Their initial plan was to have a presale. However, they thought it best to list on Cryptopia right away! That is a rare sighting to see in the cryptocurrency world-- ESPECIALLY masternode coins. That right here is a sign of a serious and dedicated team.


Go on and chat with the founders of Carbon Zero right on Discord. They are available ALL day and ready to answer all your questions. if you feel like you're a qualified core investor, they'll be willing to hear you out and offer you a position on the team as well.


Join one of the fastest growing crypto communities on Discord.






Great article! Thanks. It's really nice to see some real innovation in the masternode space. Thanks for finding it and sharing it.

Thank you @cryptologix for visiting my blog. The innovative backing of this project is what got me really keen about it.

Waoh, the list of being the first to do this and that amazes me, this is truly a great project, trust me, and there mode of operation is so unique as to compete with major players.

I wish to know how much there coin be traded when it comes out. 😁.

Stay updated and closer to information about this project by joining their discord community or telegram.

Thank you for stopping by @botefarm

I agree, awesome project, initiative and props on trying to help our planet!

The initiative is sound. Implementing the whole concept will be a total game changer for masternode coin and setting standard for other projects to follow.
Thank you @fry for visiting my blog. Cheers!

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Thank you @wafrica for finding this piece valuable for the west African community on steemit.

This project will be a great catch to invest in. Do some more research on it.

Nice project I think. Would sure check it out.

very amazing i love crypto. so i agree with you on this. there should be geeat things to come soon

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