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There is no doubt that trading on cryptocurrencies and digital assets happens to be one of the leading factors that buoy the increasing value of the currencies. It became imperative at the time when the government and the banks were strongly opposed to the adoption of cryptographic currencies as global currencies.

Now, many digital asset trading platforms (aka cryptocurrency exchanges) have been launched to bolster the circulation of these currencies. When the Hydax cryptocurrency exchange was launched, many people didn’t take it seriously. A few months down the line, the table turned to make Hydax one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms. In furtherance of the aim to create more openings for investors, Hydax once more, went the extra mile to launch the VAS digital currency. It is the launch of the currency that necessitated the need for the VAS Trading Contest.


What Does the VAS Trading Contest Mean?
VAS is a digital currency or asset, implying that it must be traded on a digital asset trading platform, such as Hydax. The trading takes a different shape because of the impressive track record it achieved after gaining tractions a few days after the debut on November 16, 2019 on the Hydax cryptocurrency exchange.

The idea behind the VAS Trading Contest is to create a unified model for rewarding the traders anytime they succeed to attain the milestone set for contest. There are 5,000 pieces of the $VAS currency up for grabs. The same would be distributed among 2,500 crypto traders. That implies that each of the traders is entitled to get a minimum of 2 $VAS when the contest ends.
On the other hand, the VAS Trading Contest already has a cumulative figure of the potential winners. With only ten (10) traders billed to win the 5,000 $VAS currencies, it becomes imperative that all the participants must be active and meet all the requirements to qualify.


How Can I Participate?
The VAS Trading Contest looks like something you would be interested in. So, you want to know what it takes to participate in it. The first criterion is t you must own the VAS currency. The second is that all trades within the period of the contest must be facilitated using the VAS/USDT trading pair. The third and most important is that you must meet up with the dictates of having the highest VAS trading volume, including buy-ins and buy-outs. If you can meet up with all those, then you are in a better position to emerge a winner at the end of the VAS Trading Contest.

The Hydax Affiliate Program
Hydax continually makes use of any available opportunity to assert its towering height as one of the next generation digital asset trading platforms. The introduction of the Hydax Affiliate Program into the mix is a dedicated medium to create more opportunities for investors to earn while mapping out more frameworks for investors to create more awareness about the platform.

You may be wondering about how the Hydax Affiliate Program works. Like many other affiliate or referral programs, it entails that the investors would get more income anytime they bring others to be part of the burgeoning Hydax ecosystem. Before anybody can participate, such intending participants must have signed up to the Hydax Affiliate Program. So, whether you are already trading on Hydax or you are enthusiastic about the platform, signing up on the Hydax Affiliate Program gives you more leverage. It is also important because that it where you will get your referral link and any other information to bolster your chances of profiting from the program.


Once you have successfully signed up for the Hydax Affiliate Program, the next step would be to get your referral link and start sharing the same. Some of the media for distributing the link are social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), blogs, and even on forums. The idea is that the higher the placement or distribution of your Hydax Affiliate Program referral link on platforms with higher traffics, the higher the chances of getting more people who might be interested in signing up for the same Hydax Affiliate Program using your referral link.

Signing up for and getting your Hydax Affiliate Program referral link is one side of the coin. Get paid or incentivized for doing so is another. The point is that the moment more people sign up for the Hydax Affiliate Program using your referral link, the platform (Hydax) would issue you Hydax Tokens (HDX) as incentives for a job well done. You are not the only one on a winning spree here. Instead, the new users that signed up using your referral link will also get rewarded. On the part of the users, Hydax promises to issue them with 50 Hydax Tokens (HDX), which also doubles as the New User Bonus for the new investors on the platform.

The Hydax Regional Angel Program
The Hydax cryptocurrency exchange is looking to expand its frontiers to other parts of the world. Since it is digitally-based and can only cover a few places, it deems it fit to recruit more people to do the work on its behalf. In this instance, the platform is looking at hiring Hydax Angels who will be the representative of the platform in fifteen (15) countries and regions of the world. the Hydax Angels are expected to be residents of the following countries/regions and would work there too:
• Belarus
• Africa
• China
• India
• Mexico
• Indonesia
• Vietnam
• Japan
• Sri Lanka
• Turkey
• Brazil
• Thailand
• Malaysia
• Russia
• Korea

Hydax Angels would be representing and carrying out many activities on behalf of the platform. Some of their job descriptions are to serve as customer service agents, track and analyze the engagements of contents relating to Hydax, and curate/create new contents analyzing all there is to the Hydax cryptocurrency exchange.


The latest developments in the broader Hydax ecosystem are part of the resolve of the platform (Hydax) to create more openings for investors to come in. When the potential investors/users become more aware about the platform via Hydax Angels, start trading on the VAS currency to win more crypto funds, and invite others via the Hydax Affiliate Program to generate more income, they would confirm that the Hydax cryptocurrency exchange is indeed, one of the improved, highly competitive, and innovative digital asset trading platforms.

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