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Hydax is a revolutionary cryptocurrency project cum digital asset trading platform. It was launched as part of the measures to ensure that cryptocurrency investors wouldn’t be ripped off as they have been in the last couple of years. With robust infrastructure and many other features in place, it had gone on to roll out new features aimed at enhancing the lives of the users. One of the latest features is the Hydax Affiliate Program.


You may have heard about it and wondering about what there is to be bullish or more interested about it. In this article, you will find out some of the highlights and properties that make the Hydax Affiliate Program one of the best in the crypto-sphere.

What Does the Hydax Affiliate Program Mean?
The Hydax Affiliate Program is an incentive mechanism set up by the Hydax cryptocurrency exchange. With the designation as a commission-based system, the idea is that registered users under the program would then be permitted to invite others to participate. Moreover, it is a new way of earning and becoming a holder of the Hydax Token (HDX) simply by completing the little task of inviting people into the platform.

Registering for the Program
There are no hassling processes in the registration. All you need do is to read the guidelines of the program and follow them to the later. Also, you may be required to pass through the Know-Your-Customer (KYC)) process, which is one of the ways Hydax Affiliate Program verifies that it is dealing with genuine individuals.

That said, the moment you sign up and register for an account, a unique invitation and referral link would be issued to you. The link is the pathway to your becoming a bonafide member of the Hydax Affiliate Program community. The idea is to spread the information about Hydax as far as you can by sharing your referral link on social networks and other public domain platforms with high traffic.


Worthy of mention is that the qualification for the Hydax Affiliate Program is exclusive only to the registered members. So, if you are yet to have an account, do well to create one to enjoy this massive offer.

Getting Started
You’ve now created an account and awaiting the next instruction to start your journey in the Hydax Affiliate Program. After you must have created an account, the next step is to get the referral code, which is one of the most important elements of the program. It is also the “passport” that allows you enjoy other scintillating offers provided through the same medium.

Provided your registration was accurately done, you can generate your referral code and invitation link immediately you sign into your account. Once you successfully generated the referral code, the next thing to do is to share it within your social networks.

By the formation of the Hydax Affiliate Program, registered members are allowed to grow their networks up to two connections. It implies that you can operate a multiple account with a maximum of two networks comprising specific numbers of registered members under you. Now, when you share your referral code on your social networks, anyone that clicks on it and registers under you becomes a member automatically. In the same way, you would be growing your connections and downlines until the maximum numbers required of the two connections have been filled up.

If you are having troubles in using the manual method to keep track of the members registered under you, you may want to make use of the automated variation. It means that you would log into your Hydax account to check the number of persons that have signed up under you.


Multiple Ways to Earn
The fact that the word “Affiliate” is there on the program is an indication that some monetary undertones are imminent. Indeed, some rewards and incentives await those registered members that can get others to queue in behind them. The structure is quite simple. Since you are allowed to have up to two connections, the Hydax Affiliate Program ensures that you get some incentives for doing so.

There are two specific ways to earn. The first is by “attracting” potential members through your referral link. If there were to register using the link, then Hydax would pay you a specific sum in token incentives. Also, if you are to earn the second time, then the new members under you must trade on the Hydax cryptocurrency exchange. The point is that every time your referrals or those new members under you trade on the platform, you would be receiving a specific percentage from the trading fees they paid for the trades and transactions.


Final Words
The Hydax Affiliate Program is Hydax’s way of rewarding and appreciating the efforts made its members to bolster the growth of the platform. Since you have been freely promoting the platform and the ideologies, the Hydax Affiliate Program now extends to you an opportunity to earn some crypto coins and tokens for doing so. It is an opportunity that is grabbed with both hands, and there is no doubt that you would love to be a part of it!

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