EXTONS Exchange: A Secure Cryptocurrency Trading Platform With Fiat

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There are 180 currencies across the world that are being used for local and international trades. Blockchain technology birthed digital currencies, also known as cryptocurrency. Currently, more than 5000 cryptocurrencies are circulating worldwide via various Exchanges. The use of Blockchain has facilitated the exchange of one crypto to another. Fiat currencies can as well be exchanged for cryptoassets and vice versa, making liquidity a possibility. But despite the convenience, security and transparency Blockchain offers, individual needs to take caution when choosing an Exchange for his cryptoassets management. Many have lost their funds to bogus Exchange platforms. Some Exchanges are being attacked by hackers who steal clients' funds as a result of laxity in their platforms.

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To ensure that crypto lovers have a better user experience when exchanging their cryptoassets, Thisoption created a centralized exchange platform named EXTONS.IO.
Thisoption was founded in 2016, and has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada. The company is well known for Binary option, cryptocurrency and fiat trading and forex. Thisoption is adding to its portfolio the new crypto exchange, EXTONS.

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EXTONS.IO Exchange was launched in June 2020 as a centralized crypto exchange. The exchange will allow users to enjoy a smart and responsive user interface.

Users of EXTONS will enjoy the following benefits:
Low trading fees: EXTONS will ensure users pay low fee when trading, exchanging, depositing and withdrawing their assets.
Anonymity, Borderless trading and other services


Features of EXTONS.IO Exchange
Security: EXTONS.IO is highly secured and hack-proof, giving users 100% safety of their crypto assets.

Stability: There is guarantee of steady operation of the platform.

Integration of Banks and Others
EXTONS platform has been integrated with more than 20 banks and other payment gateways such as Perfect Money, PayPal, Zotapay. This will enable users to buy Saving Packages and trading on the platform easily.

High Liquidity: Trading tools such as Spread and Price calculators will be made available for traders to reduce liquidity risks.

Multiple Currencies
Users have a wide array of quality cryptocurrencies to trade. New promising cryptos will be added continually.

User Experience
Users will have the best experience while using the platform. Online customer service will be available 24/7.


Entrepreneurs and investors who need to fund their existing businesses or startups can get support through EXTONS. They will have a chance to find support and fund worldwide. EXTONS also gives opportunity for users to save money against the future when they may need it the most.

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The native token to be used on EXTONS platform is named TONS token. TONS is TRC-20 ethereum blockchain bases token. TRC-20 which stands for TRON Request for Comment is an improvement on ERC-20.

As the number of cryptocurrency increases, so is the need for people to exchange their cryptoassets. Although there are many Exchanges presently that allow users to trade their assets, most of them are not reliable. EXTONS.IO Exchange was created by Thisoption to revolutionize cryptocurrency exchange. Users will be able to trade multiple crypto assets, use fiat currencies, and other payment gateways such as PayPal and Perfect Money.


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