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We have countless cryptocurrency exchanges where we can trade on and exchange our digital assets/cryptocurrencies for other currencies. It is also essential to point out that the primary purpose for setting up those platforms is to ease the process of moving digital assets from one part of the world to the other. That perhaps bolstered the current trend of enabling digital asset transactions with little or no efforts aimed at ensuring that democracy and security are top-notch too. In the absence of the last features (security and democracy), it wouldn’t be out of place to posit that a cryptocurrency exchange would be arrogating more powers to itself.

On the other side of the divide, we are looking at the Emirex cryptocurrency exchange that promises to bring in those features that might have been missing in other digital asset trading platforms. The most significant of its features is the integration of democratic elements, which are designed to ensure that the users and traders are allowed to be part of the platform’s governance.


Resident in the Middle East
The Middle East is one part of the world where economic activities are thriving. It is also in that region that many financial transactions are facilitated, with the underlying challenge of figuring out how to make use of digital assets for transactions. That clamour is now possible via the usage of the Emirex cryptocurrency exchange. The platform has set up different architectures to ensure that you are made a stakeholder in the abundant wealth in the Middle East.

How Does Emirex Practice Democracy?
Since the Emirex cryptocurrency exchange is asserted to facilitate democracy in all ramifications, the poser here is to find out how it is going about it. Below, you will find out among many other things, the various channels explored by the platform in the quest to democratize everything pertaining to cryptocurrencies in the Middle East and beyond.

  1. Tokenization
    It is no news that real world assets and businesses too have been looking for ways to integrate cryptocurrencies into their payment systems. Since cryptocurrencies (aka digital assets) are limited to the cyberspace and the blockchain technology, the only viable way of making use of them is to tokenize them.
    It is that same structure that the Emirex cryptocurrency exchange is using. In its instance, the platform has been able to create a professional trading platform where securities and real world assets can be tokenized. Some of the shortlisted assets and securities are debt instruments and equities.

For the tokenization to take place, the Emirex team would make in-depth valuation of the assets to be tokenized. Afterward, the assets and securities’ owners would be allowed to exchange the same for the corresponding value in digital assets.

2 Dual Interface
The concept of not all hands are equal plays out here. As you may know, it takes some time to master the basics of trading on cryptocurrencies. How much more becoming a professional? Therefore, the Emirex Exchange takes its democratic tendencies further by operating and inclusive platform for all traders.
On the one hand, the starters, amateurs, and near-professionals have a dedicated trading interface built with all the functionalities needed for scaling trades at their levels.
On the other hand, the professional traders are presented with a more advanced trading interface. The professional trading interface is devised with all the relevant tools that can be obtained in many other traditional trading platforms. The interface comes with comprehensible tools, such as those that can be seen in the conventional stocks and commodities markets.

3 Professional Trading Chat
Giving that no man is an island, you want to rub minds/interact with other digital asset traders. The primary aim of the interaction is nothing other than to brainstorm and come up with helpful trading strategies for the benefits of every trader.

The Emirex Exchange is not taking the back seat in that regard. It already created the Professional Trading Chat platform, which is an ecosystem where digital asset traders can converge and brainstorm on the next trading strategies for upcoming markets.
It is also in this platform that traders can gather relevant information. Details of upcoming developments in the Emirex Exchange, announcements of new coin listings, as well as the timely updates on fees would be communicated via this platform.


4 Emirex Wallet
Digital asset wallets have come to stay. It is via those wallets that cryptocurrency holders, investors, and traders can be able to send, receive, and make any other payments demanding cryptocurrencies/digital assets.
The Emirex Wallet is a bit different from what we have been having, and I will explain why. First, the Emirex Wallet can support multiple crypto coins, especially those that are traded on the Emirex Exchange. Second, the traders are allowed to make use of the standard version without paying for it. But, if there were to make use of the professional version that comes with additional and advanced features, they would only be charged a few fees. Third and most important, you can use the Emirex Wallet in different devices, notable among which are smartphones using the Android and iOS Operating Systems.


5 STO Platform
We are already familiar with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) where projects can take advantage of the structures to raise funds. There comes the twist presented by the introduction of Security Token Offerings (STOs). The idea here is to use securities like bonds as assets that would be used to acquire digital assets.
The Emirex Exchange makes things a lot easier for STO-based projects. Through the STO platform that doubles as the primary issuance platform for acquiring tokenized securities, investors can tokenize their securities, such as bonds, real estate, and commodities. The values of those assets would be confirmed and the corresponding values in the selected digital assets would be issued to the investors.
The Emirex Exchange would also look in at intervals to make sure the entire process is going on as expected.


Wrapping Up
The Emirex Exchange just made the task of investing in digital assets easier. Do you want to enjoy some of the economic privileges of the Middle East and you are looking for where to get started? The Emirex Exchange is the one-stop platform that would lead you by the hand to invest in digital assets without hassles and gain access to the even distribution of digital asset resources in the Middle East and beyond.

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