Cartesi – The Layer 2 Platform for Developing and Deploying Scalable Decentralized Applications

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My best blockchain project of the week goes to Cartesi, I already explained some basics about this mind blowing project, here is another article to further buttress some core areas of this project.

Decentralized Applications (DApps) rose to stardom after the many efforts made at creating veritable systems for the creation and deployment of the blockchain technology. It is essential to point out that the impacts of DApps cannot be underestimated considering the many innovations it brought in to change the way we make use of applications. As robust variants to traditional mobile applications, DApps made it possible for blockchain users to enjoy more scalable and secure variants to those applications they are already aware of.


The Role of the Cartesi Blockchain
We have the Tron Blockchain (TRON) that came in to create a viable medium for developers to make use of the network to create Decentralized Applications (DApps). It soon rose to become one of the most used blockchain platforms for developing DApps of all kinds. Like Ethereum and some other blockchain platforms designed for DApps development, it became clear that TRON may not be able to meet up with the demands for scalable DApps.

Now, we have a more viable platform in the Cartesi blockchain. In this instance, DApps developers can make use of the platform to develop more scalable Decentralized Applications (DApps) that can also be developed without hassles. We would now look at the different features that can come together to position it as one of the most formidable platforms for developing DApps.


Features of the Cartesi Blockchain
The Cartesi blockchain is designed to create a more viable medium for developers to develop and deploy Decentralized Applications (DApps). This is part of the many ways the platform (the Cartesi blockchain) is creating a vibrant network whereby DApps can be developed without hassles. It is essential to consider some of the ways the Cartesi blockchain can bolster the development and deployment of scalable Decentralized Applications.

(1) Integration of the Linux Infrastructure
Linux is one of the most advanced and viable Operating Systems (OS) for application developments. It is because of the feats in that regard that many developers have adopted it as one of the primary infrastructures they can rely on anytime for seamless development and deployment of different kinds of applications.
Having attained a commendable an enviable height in the centralized apps development system, it is now time to see a way to integrate it into the blockchain technology. That makes it one of the core principles and working features of the Cartesi blockchain – the integration of the Linux infrastructure. The integration makes it easier for DApps developers, who would be making use of Linux’s properties and tools to develop scalable DApps and in real-time too!

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(2) Provision of Relevant Tools
Aside from the robustness of the Linux infrastructure it would be using, the Cartesi blockchain also provides DApps developers with many tools they would need in the course of their jobs. Some of the relevant tools in question are DApps programming languages, libraries, and the Cartesi Machine to make the development and deployment of DApps faster.

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It is now obvious that making use of the Cartesi blockchain provides more options for the development and deployment of scalable DApps. Do you want more details about the platform? You can look them up at the website!

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