Changelly technical support is nice, fast, awesome, and honest.

Changelly doesn't need an introduction if you're into buying and selling cryptocurrencies. But just in case - it's a service similar to ShapeShift that allows a person send one type of coin or token and exchange it for another. It's good to note that Changelly and Shapeshift are not exchanges, but instead pair the exchange of coins with 3rd party exchanges while maximizing the exchange value. The goal is to sell one currency at the highest value and receive the most possible amount of coins in another currency.

I've been using Changelly for a while now, without any issues. I've also used ShapeShift on some occasions since it supports a broader range of currencies/tokens, although Changelly has been expanding their support widely in the recent weeks.
The reason I've been preferring Changelly over ShapeShift is because I've read some pretty bad reviews on how people lost money when their Shapeshift exchange transactions failed.

Well, yesterday, for the very first time, one of my Changelly transactions failed.


At first I freaked out. Then a sudden realization came to me that if I lost my money, it's only about $118 worth. I could live with that. But better, there had to be a way to straighten it out.

I quickly found a contact for Changelly Support and emailed them with screenshots at

I immediately received the following automated response:

Just a few minutes later I received a reply from a real person:

Then this morning I received the following email:

I was able to confirm that my wallet received the missing tokens.

All in all, I must admit I did not expect this level of support. Reading about some of the experiences people have had I was sure my request was going to never be answered. I not only received a very fast response, but also did not have to jump through any hoops to get my tokens back.

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Hey! We highly appreciate your detailed feedback. We've shared it with our support engineers, they are so happy to read, thanks! :)


unfortunately I don't have similar experience. Funds for a lot more than $118 got stuck at changelly for more than 24 hours. I sent support request to and reddit a few hours back and got not a single reply.

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unfortunately I don't have similar experience. Funds for a lot more than $118 got stuck at changelly for more than 24 hours. I sent support request to and reddit a few hours back and got not a single reply.


They are quite selective and I have some specific plan if they dont resolve it within 24 hrs...then the collateral damage for them would be much more than expectation....

Dear @delusionalgenius please dont say they used to respond in few minutes...this is totally something wrong....i have initited the trasaction and it failed and i sent them an email till now they have not responded....and not yet resolved....okay...very poor support system,...they dont have even any live chat system or any telephone number where we can contact them.....i dotn know what make u so satisfied but its big thumb down for me....


Why wouldn't I say that I received a reply from a person within minutes when indeed I did???
I'm sorry you have had a negative experience with support, but as for me - I have no complaints based on this single experience.


The fact will remain fact....whether it is you or me or some one else, till now the support staff is sleeping over my issue, they dont know the pain and fear under such circumstances and even after this if you call them professional then i think the real professionalism is yet to discover....


Could you give me a little help with this transaction? My STEEM managed to not get converted, but I also don't have it or any FUN.

these guys are total shit, held over 2 btc from me for half a month now, no responses.


That is not very reassuring. I sent them a significant amount of BTC for XRP and they have been holding for days now.