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in cryptocurrency •  10 months ago

What happens when people do whatever a Twitter account say.

BAT and PTOY just shot to the moon!!



Well, because of this...


Except for...

It was supposedly a hack of John McAfee's Twitter account.
Sure, John could have been playing a fun game on everyone by telling them to buy some low volume coins. Or, he could have been making a point about what he was trying to get across about his suggestions that these coins are long-term investments and not pump and dumps. Either way, it looks like some people fell for the Tweets and got caught in the scam.

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Or he's just doing that and and making some nice profits. A few YouTube's have been doing this and have some pretty damning evidence their Twitter was never hacked.


I don't think McAfee needs to do this to makes some profit. He's probably rolling in BitCoin and BitCoin Cash.


BTW, he just killed Verge(XVG). Makes me wish I got out earlier today at a much higher profit.
Someone said that John McAfee said Verge was going to $15. McAfee said it would eventually get to $0.15.


nice.good time to buy then. mcafee doesnt know jack shit about crypto.


Which is apparent in him shilling electroneum and digibytes.

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Saw this. I thought to myself - this guy has gone totally nuts. And when I saw the last tweet about the hacked account - I was like - poor guys that bought...


Well, if they aren't junk coins, they can just Hodl and eventually they'll be even again.

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