Why I am buying NEO GAS (Antcoins) instead of NEO (Antshares)

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Why I am buying NEO GAS (Antcoins) instead of NEO (Antshares)

Just a little round up before I begin. In July 2017 Antshares is being rebranded to NEO and Antcoins will be rebranded to GAS. July is going to be a hot month for Antshares

2017 Q3 Rebranding 

Anthares --> NEO 

Antcoins --> GAS   

NEO, somethimes referred to as “China’s Ethereum” can best be compared to a share you hold in a company, like ownership. As a NEO shareholder you are partly owner of the blockchain. The NEO shares cannot be divided, same as shares you hold in a company; undividable.

So, when I’m a NEO holder, do I get dividend? YES! When you hold NEO in your core wallet (so not on an exchange) you receive GAS.

So how much GAS does one NEO produce? Let’s have a look at NeoCoins and the answer is: 

It'll take you approx. 2170 day(s) and 3 hour(s) to get 1 Ant/Neo Coin.

Oops, so I pay about $7 to $8 for a NEO share to produce 1 GAS in more than 2170 days! Why not buy GAS right away? Well, a lot of people aren’t aware of the fact that you can buy NEO GAS (currently called Antcoins before the rebrand) and NEO GAS is cheap!

Since the NEO shares have gone up in price and already listed on Bittrex you probably missed out on the big pump. Well, here’s the good news; you can buy NEO GAS still before the big pump, as it is listed only on 19800.com, a fairly small Chinese crypto exchange. In the first week of July Antcoins were added to CoinMarketCap

NEO GAS (still listed as Antcoins on 19800) go for about 13CNY and that’s about U$ 1.90 per coin. Imagine this NEO GAS hitting one of the Western exchanges, it goes 5x the price at least in no time!

Antcoins on 19800 over past few weeks.  

But buying cryptos in China at 19800.com? Sounds like a lot of hassle to buy NEO GAS? Nope, not at all! Easy as baking cookies. Because 19800.com looks like a 2005 trading platform, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, 19800 works like a charm. Back in the ol’ days when trading your first Bitcoins, that’s the idea you get from 19800.com, sweet!

To make it even more easy, here’s a guide to get you started on buying Antcoins GAS on 19800.

Howto buy Antcoins (NEO GAS) on 19800.com (by mortenwi9)

1. Go to https://19800.com 

2. In the top right corner on the left hand side of the avatar/human icon, you will see 中文版. Click this once and the label will change to "English". Click it again to change language on the site to English. 

3. Now click free registration 

4. Enter email and password 

5. Click email verification link in your email 

6. You have now logged in successfully. 

7. Send email to [email protected] including your full name, passport number, photo of yourself holding passport and your 19800 account ID. This ID is listed top right corner. You can even grey out parts of your passport, if you are scared some hacker will get hands on your passport. I greyed out some numbers and it was accepted in a few hours. Some people get verified in minutes! 

8. On the Security page (https://19800.com/safe/index), head to "Set Google Authenticator" and follow instructions to set up it up. Once you have set it up, it'll take you to a new page with the title "Close double verification". Don't misunderstand this page, like I initially did, to think "closing the verification" means to close/finish the process; simply just click back to another page. Said in another way, in the process of adding the google authenticator, only enter the code once; entering the code second time means to remove the connection again. confusing copy on 19800. 

9. Wait for them to email you back saying OK or something or check https://19800.com/safe/identity/auth to see if your passport info etc is there yet. 

10. Now get some funds on 19800 to be able to buy AntCoin. For sending in any coin that they trade, hover over your email at the top right and select transfer. 

11. Find your coin of choice and send it over to the listed wallet 

12. Sell that coin for CNY 

13. Go to https://19800.com/safe/tradepwd/set and set up transaction passport 

14. Go to https://19800.com/market/cny_anc and buy ANC for CNY. 15. Transfer ANC GAS to your core wallet with ‘Funds out’. Make sure you leave 1% on the exchange as Blockchain fee. Else your transfer is done manually and can take 24 hours. So you have 1000 ANC? Withdraw 990 (1000 minus 1%). In 30 seconds your funds are in your core wallet. 

Thanks for reading!


It's already 10x. Sad I didn't find this post a month ago. What do you think it will raise even more?

Huge potential still. I recommended NEO a week back to my Insider members and now I'm going to recommend GAS as well. If your looking for crypto investment advice, take a look http://insider.cryptosrus.com

Awesome site :) Is it yours? Is it a paid service? Or just on an email list with free advice?

I hear ya smh ..

Yeah I wish i found this post earlier too... I hope it will go as high as ethereum!! I believeeeeeeeeeee

Great post man! Reply with a comment and I'll upvote you 100% as a reward for the post :)
Has GAS gone up more compared to NEO since your last post?
Any idea why GAS had the 30% drop today?

Change into another altocoin maybe

interesting... the whole re-branding thing

This whole thread is amazing. As a new users this all seems like being a kid on Christmans (Mainly bc I bought some ANS/NEO). I'm trying to understand the value of GAS vs the current price of NEO. Can 1 GAS go higher than 1 NEO?

isn't it already right now?

Today is lucky day for me.. bought Neo yesterday..

Excellent article. Looking forward to reading more from you. Upvoted & following.

Thanks. Soon GAS will be available for trading on Binance. Easy accessible for Western market compared to 19800.com

I'm missing something, what is the point of buying GAS? Is it expected to go up in price?

I believe so... It's only on 3 small exchanges. Binance is not even a month old yet but is growing REALLY fast.

Also, the market cap for GAS is only 57 million and has a total supply of only 9,677,664 coins.

GAS should grow 3-4X soon when it's added to new and bigger exchanges.

GAS has only been out since July 6th according to coinmarketcap...

Market cap will hit hundreds of millions hopefully sooner than later. :)


Good points in this article. Nice to see I'm not the only one who thinks like this. There's a lot of exchanges out there. I found that coinmarketcap.com gives quite a decent overview. I found this amazing platform: https://www.coincheckup.com This site is really helpful in my coin research. I don't know any other sites with so much indepth analysis. See: https://www.coincheckup.com/coins/NEO#analysis To watch NEO Investment research report.

i have purchased GAS on Binance.com but i cant seem to withdraw it to my NEO Wallet, it just comes up with a chinese page saying success:failed, any ideas why?

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It seems a lot of work to do the passport thing. Would it be able who has registered already to do some buying for me?

Your notion of "a lot of work" is interesting.

Ehh seems like a lot of work. I think this title is a bit misleading though, should still be investing in NEO/Antshares. Just because it pumped once does not necessarily mean it is over. In fact, I can see this being an easy 3 digit or 4 digit coin (in USD).

Maybe a bit biased, I'll take a note of that on my next article. Maybe have someone reread it.

But Antcoins are still performing better than Antshares. Check 19800 (https://www.19800.com/market/cny_anc) I had lots of haters and trolls accusing me of pump/dump stuff. Have seen some price manipulation on 19800, but no big dumps. We've started the Antcoins discussion weeks ago on Reddit Antshares, but the mods were deleting our posts. Antcoins were so cheap at the time, and Antshare holders just ignoring and FUDing and removing all ANC stuff.

I don't know how Antcoins will perform longterm, same as Antshares, no idea. But fact is, Antcoins are doing pretty good compared to Antshares now. For some insight, I have ANS/ANC divided 50/50 and believe in both.

13000 views and only 14 cents rewards? Your article is being underpaid!
Anyway I upvoted your post and follow you.

Hi there!!
Although I discovered the huge potential of NEO just about a week ago I doubled my invested amount by switching from NEO to BTC back and force. My strategy at the moment is to make more NEO by switching back and force and then store the whole amount of NEO in the wallet to get GAS. Is this smart thinking or naive? Someone in Youtube is telling that for 1000 NEO you get 5 GAS per day - is this correct? Would be happy for hints! tell me what you are thinking about?

Thnx! I finally bought some ANC, but now i want to withdrawal my Antcoins to my wallet, but the button "Confirmation of withdrawal" does not respond on the 19800 website?!! Is it working for you guys??

Did you put in your 2FA code for withdrawal? That withdrawal button is a bit flaky. Hit it a couple of times and then the transfer goes through

I heard a lot of diffrent things about neo shares and the way gas gets generated, do you think the gas price can surpass neo? And why would anyone buy neo then if the gas only gets generated after such a long time?

It helps if you have more than 1 ANS/NEO though, so don't get that conflicted. I just entered my amount in at the calculator and it said:

It'll take you approx. 48 day(s) and 5 hour(s) to get 1 Ant/Neo Coin.

In one year, you will have 7.56864 Ant/Neo Coin(s)!

Every NEO will generate exactly one GAS during the GAS generating period according to the white paper..

There will be exactly 100 000 000 GAS when generation is over in 21 years. There is exactly 100 000 000 NEO. Therefore they will generate one GAS each. Generation per coin is lowered every year. You forgot to account for that. It's all in the white paper.

This means that is convenient to hold NEO in a wallet, very interesting indeed.

I'd come across this article but wish I'd jumped into buying GAS back then. Oh well, it's not too late! You can now purchase #Antshares GAS with #Bitcoin off #Binance.

2170 day(s) and 3 hour(s) to get 1 Ant/Neo Coin is a long time. It's probably because Ant is overpriced at the moment?

If think it's expensive now, you wouldn't believe what it is in 29 days now!

i see that you are looking to lease someone else sp?

Will welcome Antcoins when they hit other exchanges, hodling my Antshares for now. (with good reason)

Do anyone think or know if they will add GAS to Bittrex or other exchanges?

Thanks, Soko-

any news on this? Where can i sell the gas i make in the future? how do you send the gas from a neon wallet?

Can't believe that you have 58 views on your on your post but only one cent profit why would this be?

Low reputation.

New account

Nea i think it's bug :D

Bad info.

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HODLing ANS and ANC!!!

Great post! Thank you for the info.

I know its purely speculation but what would you expect the Neo Gas marketcap to be at the end of the year?

Edit: Oh i see you already answered my question above. So our expectations match, good!

As I read through the comments i saw that you answer a lot of them, really nice of you! I will follow you from now on :)

It's actually going to take longer since the GAS generation rate slows with time. According to the white paper it will take 22 years for 1 NEO to generate 1 GAS. Then no more GAS will be generated.

Great post. Wish I had found this post earlier. Neo went skyhigh. Is it still proffitable if I step on this train right now?

I got in a few hours ago. Possibly some more upside.

Thanks a lot for this post. I had some doubt about Neo, antcoin and ANS. You helped to clear some of it. Upvoted and resteemed.

¿What is IOTA & why should we invest on it? www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXjCqT-oK9M

Check out this editorial on my blog about how Ethereum and NEO are now in a race to the top!


I hold both but haven't transferred to the Neon wallet. Do you think the Chinese government possibly could shut down this company? I'm not saying they have done anything illegal, I'm just wondering what your opinion about risk is in holding these long term.

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So NEO is a share in a blockchain. An owner of NEO entitles him to get Antcoins. Antcoins are used to pay systemic fees. As NEO use of NEO as a blockchain increases in use purpose, Antcoins will become more valuable. Antcoins therefore have usage purposes whereas Bitcoins are basically useless unless someone gives it value. Am I correct?

I think so yes. The value of the bitcoin is modulated by the amount of users who invest and value btc at a specific price. The value of Neo gas is modulated by the amount of users (as well) who invest and value companies using the neo platform as a way to produce smart contracts. These companies will charge gas fees for transactions.

Interesting Article it inspired me to do my own digging . I found some information that suggests the output of GAS that NEO produces is way less than you have calculated. That's why I conclude that GAS is dramatically undervalued. I summed it up here ->

I quoted this article so people know how to buy GAS. Big THX to you

You are correct. Check the GAS price now :)

From the NEO Whitepaper:

"GAS is the fuel token for the realization of NEO network resource control, with a maximum total limit of 100 million. "

It isn't any more rare than NEO even though it is displayed as 9 million on CoinMarketCap.

That should be final number of GAS tokens, isn't that so? So if 1NEO generates 1GAS over 20years there is gonna be total of 100M tokens. But at the moment there is just limited amount? Or am I missing something?

wow great post... Thanks for sharing. I am new to Neo. Do you know where you can sell the neo gas you generated? Any western exchange? Also, how can I transfer the Neo gas out of my Neon wallet? Is the public address in the wallet for both the Neo and the gas?

Not sure I understand something., When you say "transfer ANC GAS to your core wallet", are you talking about transferring them to your own private wallet (hardware or software), or are you talking about an 19800 exchange wallet? If it is the ladder, then is it possible to send the ANC GAS to other hardware or software wallets?

Thanks in advance.

I love this coin. Its a very fresh and cool coin. I buy for 1200€ and make 400€ profit in 2 days. I will hold them for the next some weeks. I believe in the future of this coin.

Look where it is now. $30 for Gas and $32 for Neo! This is quite incredible!

Great stuff, making me consider staking my neo:)

Looks like I am very very late in reading this post. As of today GAS is currently at $56.26. How far do you think it will go??? Is it still a good buy?

I have seen it touch $85 on coin market cap history chart.

I feel it is still undervalued at $26 on 8-3-2018 , I make this assumption based on it's total supply as on date. I guess because NEO is not in use as much as ETH hence GAS is not in demand, Am I right?

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