Wild Wild West of CryptoCurrency

Hello good people and welcome to the wild wild west era of crypto currency where anything goes. For those of you looking to earn or make money in crypto I'm sure you all know there are several ways to try to do that.. some better than others and yes.. some riskier than others.

This is one of those lending platforms that is promising crazy interest rates.. and right now they are paying them! I've made about $100 in about a week by lending around $300 initially. And yes I have been able to withdraw from the platform. They were paying 5% introductory interest rate this past week but that ended on the 21st. However they claim if they make 7% in a day using your money they will pay you 5%.

This is not investment advice and if you decide to invest please don't invest your rent money! Only invest what you can afford to lose!

I know its risky but I'm willing to risk a little of my money to see what the hell happens.

It does have a referral program but it is not required in order to make great interest. The referrals just give each member an opportunity to boost their investment a little. I would certainly be grateful if you use my referral link if you want to give it a shot but it is by no means necessary. Here is my link to the platform:


This pic below shows the interest they have been paying. They paid 5% this morning and the introductory interest rate was over but I still got 5%

The next pic actually shows my interest and reinvestment transactions. I started out the week reinvesting 90% of each payout but now I am reinvesting 80% of each payout. I will let the 20% build and make a withdrawel periodically to make sure I get my money back soon but also keep it building and compounding

Thanks for reading my blog and if you decide to invest.. treat this platform like it will be gone tomorrow. Don't invest your rent money!