MONA Coin is halving in 33 days and Japanese shops are starting to accept it as they did with Bitcoin

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The idea to invest in MONA came from the yesterday's cryptocurrency investors and traders meetup in Manila. The guy who is organizing has a huge knowledge and he told us that halving on MONA is happening soon.


This is an old coin: Monacoin LAUNCHING 2014/01/01 0:00 GMT; but because it has it's roots in Japanese pop culture it's still in game. And just recently some vendors in Tokyo accepted it as they did with bitcoin!

The PC shop in Akihabara began to support bitcoin and monacoin.

Zaif is exchanging coins and Japanese yen.

Zaif has ATMs all over the place (BTC/MONA) and I have it confirmed it is popular for arcade gaming in Japan.

The chart looks like a classic pre pump:

2017-06-11 (2).png

Current market cap:

2017-06-11 (3).png

It's really important that it sits in TOP100 because that helps to get attention.

MONA trading:

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Thanks for the great tip!


Made few bucks my friend? ;)

That's interesting and thanks for sharing. Mona caught my eye because of the talk about merchant acceptance.


Do you have some more info about acceptances?


Ah it was related to zaif at stores...not acceptances directly. My mistake, sorry.

Welcome to Steemit :)
I follow u, follow me back if u want lot of fun and amazing picture every day.

Interesting. I'm quite curious why Japanese merchants are adopting MONA despite it being highly volatile. I guess their attachment to Japanese pop culture are that strong. Nice :)


Yes it's about kawaii and their obsessions of cute things. So that's why MONA might take off.


I agree. It's a fair analysis and might pump very soon. Japanese merchants are probably learning everyday about crypto that when they fully understand it, it will grow big and viral.

Up! :))

Where are the monacoin meetups? I live in Akihabara.