Smart Contracts Explained by Paul Makowski @ The NAC3 Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference in New York

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I'll be releasing all the videos from the NAC3 conference in New York over the next week. Here is a copy of Paul Makowski's ( presentation on smart contracts.

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Thanks for uploading the NAC3 videos @davidhay! Interesting technical insight into smart contracts. Having an immutable and transparent contract sounds awesome on first sight. But there are also reasonable and genuine reasons for it to be changed. Namely fixing bugs and security vulnerabilities. I liked that the video touched that subject. Also, the stories about the paper scissors, rocks game and the "honest" pyramid scheme that got scammed were hilarious. Polyswarm looks like an interesting and promising idea/project, I'm excited to follow the progress of the project in the future and think I'm going to have a closer look at it.

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