Crypto and Delicious Coffee - Periscope Chat Highlights


Okay, that's really not that big a deal, is it? Periscope is fun, but there's rarely a ton of traffic for me over there.

Here's the chat link: Crypto and Delicious Coffee

I did talk about some cool cryptocurrency things:

POW - a token that's doing an airdrop that may be the world's largest - you can get yours with that link (it's free, and I'll get a bonus of tokens when you sign up...but then you can recruit people and get your own bonuses).

Empowr - it's also free, though you will have to verify you are real through PayPal. They're doing an airdrop, too.

AND...prices. BTC at $8,000, ETH at $500 - both of those ranges are finding support.


i share with you two incredible APP for Android System and paying to Coinbase
I use theese App since April 2018 and they payed

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