Litecoin or Digibyte Which do you Prefer?

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Litecoin or Digibyte which do you prefer and why?

Lately I have been trying to determine which coin is the better bet. Now we all know that the market cap of Litecoin is around $3.3 billion vs $275 million for Digibyte, or about 10x. Litecoin is more well known, ever since Coinbase picked it up last May 2017. Clearly Digibyte is the underdog.


-Litecoin has been around since 2011 vs 2014 for Digibyte.

-1 mining algorithm (less decentralization) vs 5 for Digibyte(more decentralization).

- 2.5 minute transaction speeds vs 15 seconds.


Which is the better coin?




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  ·  last year (edited)

I think DGB is technically a slightly better coin. It's faster and it has 5 different mining algorithms.
LTC is also a great coin. Great infrastructure; Lightening Network and LitePay. LTC is also known by many more people.
I own both coins for a few years now.

I think it is advisable to own both. Any other reasons you like it?

  ·  last year (edited)

I think both coins have the potential to be widely adopted. Both coins are highly undervalued in my opinion, so I hope they will go up in value.

Yeah, me too!

Lovely written about litecoin sir

DigiByte is superior.

Other than what I mentioned, any other reasons you like it more than litecoin?


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Why do you Prefer litecoin?

Litecoin is one of the top best altcoins

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not sure which is better all I can say is that I've used Litecoin before and found it to be quite fast and efficient

That’s what people say. Just trying to decide which one to load the boat on!

I use lite coins for trading. I am a HODL of Digibyte.

I see.

As a holder of both coins, they both have separate appeals. I am presently accumulating LTC to use for transacting business (including living expenses) and accumulating DGB to use for basic needs like food. Personally, I believe that LTC will achieve adoption at a faster rate than DGB due to it's relationship with BTC via the LN and atomic swaps. But since DGB also has SegWit implemented, it should not lag far behind, especially since its ability to scale will be able to keep up with the LN. I essentially relate LTC to Visa/MC and DGB to American Express as far as popularity is concerned.

That’s a good analogy. Was thinking of selling some litecoin to buy Digibyte, but may hold off. It feels like litecoin is a bit overrated, but maybe I’m wrong. What’s your take on bitcoin cash?

The only BCH I have is what was delegated to me from Coinbase at the time of the fork. BCH is based on using bigger blocks to address the scaling issues that BTC was confronting last year. To me, this is not a permanent solution, and will ulitmately inhibit the usefulness of BCH in the long run. At the same time, I am earning 1.5% interest on my BCH, so I'll hold it for now, and maybe it will have a purpose for me.

Thanks for your insight!

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