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RE: I just want to say one word to you. Just... one... word...

I was off doing work in a resort land. Sometimes, when out of your routine you start to think about these things in a nonlinear way.

We were talking about blockchain (I work for a software company, in healthcare, which wants to use this tool for eHR)

The consensus was that it was the use cases outside of cryptocurrency that would sell the idea to people.

I think 2 good examples are actifit, and games like steem monsters.. and of course leveraging social media like share2steem and blogging in general (like @partiko).

But imagine a decentralized LinkedIn. You own your resume. And business related and career articles on the feed like utilizing steem.

Or Disqus, but a blockchain version, so articles convos are decentralized and comments valued. Plug it into your site.

I know also of a stackoverflow type site that is now rewarding people who share coding solutions with crypto. Hashnode or something like that. And I think there's now a GitHub token you can use as bounties for project bug fixes.

So think about gamification and reward systems and use those things with blockchain. And the people will come.

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Your mention of gamification, reminded me of this video I saw, a while back:

The idea they mention for using blockchain to modify player items in an MMORPG sounds quite promising.

wow, great video! SO much to think about..

those 2 ideas alone are game changers!

thank you for sharing...

Man this video was truly interesting I must say as a gamer. This should be more upvoted.

It opened up my mind . Blockchain has more possibilities than i ever thought.

This also makes me think about how the industries right now are just focusing on just "selling" us worthless bloated things.

Until people come to understand new paradigms, they interpret all new information within the paradigms they already know.

For a long time, Bitcoin was generally treated as just another speculative commodity. Unfortunately, a large chunk of people in the cryptosphere haven't really moved past that stage.

I didn't see any reason to invest in cryptocurrency, until I learned about STEEM. At that point, my understanding of the paradigm shifted from "This is something to use instead of USD (for nebulous reasons)" to "This is something that is more useful (in particular cases) than USD".