A Bitcoin/USD Global wallet that lets you earn $4950 over and over


It's an amazing thing how innovations of our time has changed the way people make money. The internet and blockchain have created streams of income that hitherto seemed impossible.

One of such innovations is what i will be touching on but first lets take a look at some popular online wallets and money transfer services.

paypal without a doubt is the biggest of them all. it has the widest reach and covers most countries of the world.

PayPal service not only charges you a percentage of the money you receive, but they also charge you a fee for every transaction. The fee for each transaction is $0.30 USD, plus 2.9% of the amount you receive for funds you receive from the U.S

paypal to paypal transaction is free only for USA.

payoneer is also popular and a good alternative to paypal. they offer some good services.
payoneer to payoneer transfers are free but withdrawal charges are on the high side.


skrill is also an alternative to paypal where paypal is restricted. it covers upto 200 countries and lets you recieve transfers striaght into your local bank account. skrill charges are on the high side.

Now there are various online wallets and money transfer services that lets one send money globally, usually with high transaction and withdrawal fees but none with a loyalty program that lets your earn for using their service and referring other to use it too. This service lets make in house transfers completely free and without any limits, no verifications and all those hassles. All for a onetime and lifetime fee of $1 bitcoin. funding and withdrawals are to bitcoin wallets.



onedollarbtc lets you make global transfers in us dollars to any member free. and the amazing thing is onetime fee of $1 btc can let you earn $4950 over and over again , if you activate your account and join their referral program.

signing up is by invite only. you can sign up here to check out this amazing platform and earn $4950 over and over again from just a $1 btc payment.