Proof of Trade - Darb Finance

Darb team is proud to announce that the Proof of Trade for our trading platform is officially finished. From now on, every user can start accumulating DARB Tokens for making transactions in our system. 

We want to thank all our users for their constant support and help in the process of creating and developing Darb Finance platform and its DARB Token. We believe that together we can achieve great things and take blockchain financial technology to the next level.

From this point on, we replaced the countdown clock for Proof of Trade release with stats concerned with Darb Token. That way, you can always see how many tokens have been mined, how much of our daily revenue have we shared with our users or what is our current milestone in Darb project.

We hope this is another important step towards the revolution of digital financial services that we want to be part of and only the beginning of this exciting journey. Darb team wants to assure that we will work hard and do our best to provide the best cryptocurrency and fiat trading platform and digital financial services.

Read more about DARB Token and our project in our Whitepaper.