NASDAQ invests in blockchain, and so should you

Second largest stock market in the world has just been highlighted as one of the companies supporting The news of which has suddenly taken over the world of crypto by storm and helped many individuals to a clear bull sprint ahead of us.

Why NASDAQ, why?

NASDAQ is famous not only for its current position, but also approach towards the stock market. It was the first fully digitalized exchange implementing many innovating tools and mechanisms to secure leader’s position on the market. How did NASDAQ’s adventure with blockchain and crypto started? In September 2018 the company has invested $190 million to take over Swedish well established crypto company Cinnober.

Compared to this amount participation in current $20 million investment into Symbiont might seem not that important. However, let’s see who is there together with NASDAQ in the investment group and what is their plan? Other well known companies co-founding the project are Galaxy Digital, owned by well-known crypto figure Mike Novogratz, Raptor Group, and Citi, to name a few. Symbiont will help accelerate works on Assembly, a financial platform of the future which one day will (hopefully) be in charge of all bank transactions, loans, etc.

Bear or Bull?

Adena Friedman, CEO of NASDAQ Inc., clearly believes in the bullish run of the crypto currencies in the near future stating on her LinkedIn that “Crypto Currencies Could Still Be a Global Currency of the Future”. Are we on the verge of another big shift on the crypto market?  Only time can tell. But, is it enough to convince you to invest more in crypto?