How DARB token is balancing out the risk on trading crypto

So you would like to invest in cryptocurrencies, but are afraid of the risk? We have some good news for you. Darb platform has created a special tool - the DARB token - to help you minimise the risk related to crypto-investments and let you feel more at ease whenever you trade your assets. 

What risks do you have to take into consideration when investing?

Of course, there is an inherent risk when it comes to cryptocurrency-related investments - the worth of your assets can both grow and fall depending on the situation on the market. This is true not only in case cryptocurrency - even investments considered to be relatively safe come with a certain amount of risk.
However, the volatility of the - still quite new - market can make crypto-investments more risky than more traditional kinds of assets - for example gold or state-backed bonds.

This higher risk means that the potential return can also be much greater. But that doesn’t mean you should not try to minimise the risk - in fact, that’s the smart thing to do.
After all, when you decide to start investing, your intention is to earn money, not lose it.

So, how do you minimise the risk?

There are many ways of minimising risk when it comes to investments. The most popular ones are:

  • Diversifying your portfolio - don’t put all your eggs in one basket, try to invest in different types of assets;
  • Investing in currencies with high liquidity - make sure that the currency you invest in can be easily sold, even in case of a drop in its value;
  • Regular health-checks - it is vital to keep a close eye on your investments and react in case of any worrying changes.

And fortunately for all Darb users, there is now one more way of minimising the risk on cryptocurrency-related investments - the DARB token.

What is DARB token and how does it work?

Every time you trade on the Darb platform, you will receive a certain amount of DARB tokens. The exact amount depends on the transaction value, as well as the current Milestone (new Milestones are achieved once a pre-established amount of tokens have been mined).

Everyone who holds the DARB tokens is eligible to receive part of the revenue made by the platform every given day. This means that the transaction fees earned by Darb platform will be shared with the users. The percentage of rev-share is also dependent on the given Milestone, and will actually grow in time - however, the difficulty of token mining will also increase during the later phases.

To simplify the whole idea: the more transactions you make on Darb platform, the more DARB tokens you receive. And the more DARB tokens you possess, the more money from the revenue share model you will earn every day!
If you wish to read more about the DARB token and how it works, read our whitepaper

So, how does DARB token help reduce the risk on investments?

That’s quite simple! As we said above, trading cryptocurrency on our platform earns you DARB tokens, which in turn give you a guaranteed profit everyday. This means you don’t need to worry so much about unsuccessful investments.
The money you earn thanks to being in possession of our tokens can act as a safety net, allowing you to be bolder about trading. In fact, it is in your best interest to trade as much as possible to make this net even stronger.

So if you would like to try your hand at investing, and trade different types of assets - but are afraid of losing too much money - then DARB tokens are the kind of risk-reduction tool you might be looking for!