The NSA Has Been Monitoring Bitcoin Users Since 2013

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If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you will be monitored by the NSA. Because the US IT secret service is since the beginning of 2013 monitoring Bitcoin users. This shows an analysis of the leaks by Edward Snowden.

To see if you have been monitored type in your Command Prompt the following:
and then press enter.

As you can see I have been monitored.

A research by the Magazine Intercept has found in the documents that Edward Snowden leaked in mid-2013, evidence that the NSA has been involved in this time with Bitcoin.

According to an internal document issued by the NSA in March 2013, the agency is trying to track down senders and receivers of bitcoins. Not only does it use the BTC blockchain analysis, but also uses its own well-developed tools to collect and evaluate raw, global Internet traffic. "The persecution probably also includes that intimate details of users' computers are collected. The NSA collects password information, Internet activity, and a unique number to identify the device, the MAC address. "There is also evidence that the analysts also include the Internet addresses, network ports, and timestamps of the" BITCOIN targets ".

The data about the users are stored in a .csv file and linked with information from other programs, such as XKeyScore. A document indicates that the data also contains information about invoices and the IP address, which allows the NSA to easily connect the user's identity to a Bitcoin address.

In order to spy on Bitcoin users, the NSA uses its possibilities to extract the Internet traffic directly from the cables as part of the OAKSTAR program. With a subprogram called MONKEYROCKET, probably a kind of browser-based VPN or other anonymization software, which had had a significant amount of users, especially in China and Iran, Bitcoin-specific data was skimmed off. The goal was to identify early when terrorist organizations like Al-Quaida use cryptocurrencies.


It's not like it's surprising. Who expected the NSA to not watch Bitcoin? It is frightening, however, that the secret service is already trying since 2013 to identify Bitcoin users and probably also has the means to succeed. It is likely that the methods have since been significantly tightened and improved. Anti-money laundering legislation, generally mandated by lawmakers, ensures that users' identities are more widely stored in databases that the NSA has potential access to.

When in doubt, one should assume that one stands not only with one leg in a record of the NSA. Commenting on Intecept, Cornell University researcher Emin Gun Sirer said that "it really should lower its privacy expectations. If the NSA is among the attackers, any pseudonymity will disappear. "Sirer expects privacy-focused users to switch to other, more anonymous cryptocurrencies. The cryptographer Matthew Green agrees with him. The NSA's technologies made any privacy enhancements to currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple "absolutely worthless" by being in the crosshairs of the agency.

Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies, which promise more privacy, are currently a little under attack by the regulators. For example, the Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck recently announced that it will be phasing out Monero, Dash and Zcash, as these currencies are less compatible with anti-money laundering regulations. How problematic this is, shows the publication of the Intercept, which demonstrates that conventional cryptocurrencies are not sufficiently compatible with data protection. To hope that there is a gap between "too little private" and "too private" seems to be a romantic missbelief. A freedom that is not exploited by the bad guys will not be available to the good guys without restriction. If criminals with cryptocurrencies are unable to launder money, it is very likely that the NSA will be able to monitor the financial activity of all through them.

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really appreciate the info and definitely checking myself now. Although once on the internet always on the internet.

I believe that they will be only watching the top notch guys only.

Who will have enough resources to keep a tab on my 0.02btc?

WTF sneaky bastards:)) I gotta check my comps now, damn...

No worries bro, we are "safe" hahha

this is scary just ran the tracert on comand prompt and it seem am i been monitored damn

Never knew Bitcoin was under the 🔬 of the NSA but then again it makes some sense for them to keep an eye on it as it can be used by their foreign and domestic enemies.

Good post. You're right.

I heard this first time from you actually but when I think widely as you said yeah it looks like inevitable that they don't watch us.. It is a huge number of people all over the world using cryptocurrencies..

I like your post.

Thanks for sharing cryptocurrency update providing news.
I appreciate this technology

the question arises what dear nsa does not observe

I like all of your stuff because your content type is very educational


There is nothing educational here. The original poster is generating fear in readers for no reason.

Sure the NSA is monitoring online traffic but a tracert command does not indicate any such thing. Teach yourself something educational and read this:

Bitquin swept the whole world became a global currency I did not take advantage of the opportunity I wish to be exploited in any other currency

The trace information is so detail and clear . My whole life was stalked

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The NSA is collecting all data from everyone globally, not just cryptocurrency users. Anything they can get their prying hands on, they collect. Sorry to say, this is not new. I guess people are a bit naive to think that cryptocurrency would not be monitored in some form or fashion by the ministry of surveillance. Unfortunately, we live in an Orwellian society. There is no question about it!

Never doubt Mr. Snowden

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And what should you see if your not being monitored? As your could do a tracert on any website and it would look similar.

Excuse me, but what tracert could possibly prove????
Just tracing route between 2 point on the internet...


Was looking for this comment! I feel like you gotta call out BS when you see it, so here's a BS flag.


I made it myself just for this post. I think you should apologize for being full of shit, spreading false information and send psyapo some STEEM dollars for calling you on it.

Maybe n s a make the bitcoin

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