I totally agree with you, I didn't read the comments before stating my opinion. I apologize for that, but that is exactly my opinion. If they are going to take gambling addiction and add so many niches under that than the list will be never-ending. I love to shoot dice, bet on boxing and basketball and now I am a crypto addict lol.. I would just say I am a gambler. I also love to shop, however none of thesethings have ruined my life in a way that would classify me as a typical "addict". I would never spend my last or go rob a bank to buy BTC hahahha.

Which in itself is absurd. Gambling implies that the odds are unpredictable. With cryptocurrencies there is a lot that can be done to determine risk, i.e, it is an investment. Do they believe that a failed investment is gambling? If so, why are they not cracking down on brokers?

Yup I totally agree with you.

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