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Bluetrade was hacked today, specifically their HTML 5 wallet. This brings credence to what others have posted on here and Cliff High also stated that it is wise to remove your coins from the exchanges as they are a prime focus of hackers. In this early period of cryptocurrency, I suspect that many of these sites are not as well prepared for the deluge of attacks that they are seeing as I am sure they will be in the future.

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Wow that is crazy. I even trade a little at Bleutrade. I hope they figured out the attack vector and tightened up their scurity as a result!

This is like a daily occurrence. It's scary.

It is. Get your money out quick choogirl into your private wallet.

Oh, I don't have any money on exchanges. I learnt that was a bad idea a while ago. I just feel sorry for all the people that are learning this lesson the hard way.