Bitcoin Bubble or are we in the Next Evolution?

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We are probably all excited about the recent rise of most crypto coins. So I would like people to comment on this post and vote bubble or Next Evolution. Its interesting to see the consensus for all.

So here is my opinion on the matter we are in neither lol. Lets look at the evidence and go from there. Here is the 2013 rise of bitcoin and then fall or correction, depends on how you view the chart.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 11.20.09 AM.png

So in this chart I n 2013 Bitcoin rose for 100 to 1000. Ok what happen next .. so in 15 to 24 months the price nearly came back to the origin. Well what does this mean. It means the price started to rises at:

  1. 100 dollars - 20/72013 - Origin
    2 161 dollars - 10/1/2015 - Came back

Ok so mmm this is interesting.. does this work for other instruments and cryptos.. This is True for every thing u can invest in around the world. Then how can people miss this fundamental point that all things return back to the origin. People have short term memories and don't really understand how markets work.

So what is my work based on and how can the be so, investments should always go up right. well some do and some go down. Lets look at another example in 2011 bitcoin boom and see this again: (again went from 60 cents up to 40 dollars down to 1 dollar):

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 12.13.49 PM.png

So mmmm what is going to happen to Bitcoin at 2.7 k... the same.. in 6 to 12 months it will go back to origin and around 1.2k and then move higher.

So I hope u enjoyed my post please up vote and my final conclusion is Bitcoin will go to 4.5k and maybe 9 to 10k.. in this next run.. Then it will come back to the origin of about 1.2k. Happy Monday.

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Next evolution!

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ok.. and ur point is?