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It appears like blockchain based managing an account devices are gathering steam while customary keeping money strategies keep on gathering dust GB frameworks is a solitary worldwide decentralized Ethereum blockchain stage made to benefit customers in the International saving money framework.

Utilizing Blockchain innovation, GB frameworks guarantees to make another business instance of connection between frameworks, for example, Payment specialist organizations, Banks, Financial foundations, Restaurants, Cafe, Motor shows, Car administrations and other distinctive frameworks of the business which will permit to change and give comfort to all customers immensely. GB perceives that the immense crude volumes of data which is gathered by proprietors of Payment specialist co-ops, Banks, Financial foundations, Restaurants, Cafe, Car showrooms, Car administrations, and furthermore other diverse frameworks, can be saddled by makers to enhance nature of administrations gave and even charges gathered on such administrations.


GB Systems is another approach in the monetary business in light of the standards of decentralization, measure up to circumstances and the shut economy inside its framework. GB frameworks: grande-finance.ru grande-bank.es gbmarkets.net gbwallet.info — will turn into another premise of the GB frameworks Blockchain-stage for customers which will likewise enable them to take part in various occasions.


The token at the core of GB frameworks is the GBCoin which is a brilliant contract ERC20 token in view of the Ethereum blockchain. GB picked Ethereum as its blockchain of decision because of the way that it is a standout amongst the most dependable and adaptable stages meeting their prerequisites. The token will manage the cost of its holders the privilege to utilize the whole GB Systems in all nations, which will incorporate such frameworks as: the Financial framework in Russia, GB Grande Finance Bank in Grande Union Bank, Cool tote Wallet GB, GB Venture company — Fund, GB Network which is the controller for the generation of plastic cards, Multicard and the arrangement of system promoting, GBMarkets — cryptocurrency trade.

Along these lines, this token will turn into a premise of the GB money related framework. Holders of the token will have the capacity to use to cover the charges that identify with all buys and expenses of every monetary framework around the globe of GB, and furthermore those of its accomplice organizations in the stage. In January, 2018 GB frameworks will present the GBCoin (GBCN) to the market on the crypto trade which will likewise be fortuitously in view of their framework. As per the whitepaper, the token will be sanctioned as Stock security of their budgetary framework GB Grande Bank, GB Grande Finance, GB Markets, GB Network, GB Social, GB Trade, GB Fund, GB Royal Polo Club, GB Port Russia. What's more, this will give boundless chances to their customers.


For this purpose, GB Systems has already taken the following steps having filed documents and having paid state duties to receiving to receive the following certification:

  1. License of the Central Bank of Russia,

  2. License of the Central Bank of the European Union,

  3. License of cryptocurrencies,

  4. License for the multiple currency exchanger,

  5. License for an insurance activity,

  6. License of investment fund,

  7. License FinCen,

  8. The license Rpay according to the PCI DSS standard

  9. License for implementation of issue and acquiring of MasterCard cards of the payment service provider.

Their ICO is currently underway on their website https://gbsystems.org/ and GB system have set a rather ambitious target of USD 600 million dollars that they intend to raise.

More important information on GB Systems

For more on GB Systems please go to https://gbsystems.org/

Follow GB Systems on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Grande_Finance

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/businessgbnetwork

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/B_oXfw7LStACWNm7Sha4dw

The announcement on bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2680229.0

The GB Systems Whitepaper: https://gbsystems.org/white_paper


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