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As usual I will still discuss and review ico project technology blockchain. Its not just providing information but you also at least get good info from ico project system that everyone have follow.

Well just is a payment gateway project for both online and offline stores that are decentralized. serves as a container for crypto merchants to receive payments from their services in various cryptocurrency markets.

COSS stands for Crypto One Stop Solution is a platform that aims to integrate many third-party providers who will offer their services through this platform. COSS will adopt or facilitate all existing crypto product services so that it can be easily deployed. COSS will be present as the most preferred media because it comes with token, wallet, market exchange, merchant platform, payment gateway, mobile platform and many other features associated with cryptocurrency.

COSS visionary as a visionary approach to the development of a one stop solution crypto where they will not allow a restricting trust system to interfere with the development of the COSS platform.

Accept changes developed by rapidly evolving technologies, and welcome innovation at any level at any time. Provides all crypto user needs through a one stop service. Award the user for bringing in new merchants and affiliates. Build markets, where users of cryptocurrency and merchants can meet each other fluently. Issued a token price with an actual value
Expand the customer network by providing high quality services. Improve system security.

The COSS Token can help build your portfolio in all tradable cryptoes. Just as any other crypto can be used for trading or exchange, as well as within the payment / payment gateway of COSS as payment medium. What differentiates COSS from all other crypto is that only the token holder will give you a weekly income in the crypto used in the COSS system.

Someone goes into a store in Japan for example, and buys something using coin crypto - worth 1ETH per product. He pays through COSS POS. A transaction fee of 0.75% of the transaction is charged for this purchase, and 50% of the fee goes to the COSS token holder and is paid in ETH. Others in France make purchases of 1 BTC. The procedure is the same, the same transaction fee and another 50% goes to the COSS token holder, but this time it is paid in BTC.

The COSS exchange begins with a 0.2% trade cost of the goods taker and the order maker (this cost can be reduced by increasing the trading volume). Say, A trader wants to sell Litecoin (LTC) instead of ARK. Buyer B who has booked ARK orders, pays with his LTC in accordance with the requested offer, and a transaction is being executed. 0.2% of LTC is charged as trading fee and 0.2% of LTC is subject to transaction fee. 50% of both these costs are now entered into the COSS token holders, paying ARK and LTC each.

Going forward, the transaction costs of future features will also be added to the current model to benefit all COSS token holders and increase their revenue. In this way, COSS tokens let you build your crypto portfolio in all popular crypto.

Each COSS token holder can assign a smartcontract function by giving his COSS username to receive interest generated by the platform. The screening procedure of the COSS wallet will be done on a weekly basis, and based on the number of individual COSS Tokens, its earnings will be calculated and paid for automatically. If the user does not set the function by typing his COSS username, the revenue will be received by the original owner (buyer in Token Swap (ICO)). If no such user is shown, revenue will not be accepted for the current revenue-sharing week.

COSS is planned to be on sale from 8 August to 6 September 2017. The maximum available COSS is 200,000,000 COSS tokens.
25.000.000 COSS tokens will be created in pre ico on 10 july until 13 july
130,000,000 COSS tokens in the ico period
30,000,000 COSS tokens for developers, staff, partners, and operations
10.000.000 COSS tokens for affiliate program
5.000.000 COSS tokens for shareholders, directors and advisors.

This program uses escrow service system held by a third party so it is guaranteed save for investors.

For more information just visit their linked site.
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