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RE: BREAKING: The Biggest Canadian Coin Exchange - QuadrigaCX -- loses 67,000 $ETH !! Due to Coding Error - Funds Locked in an Executable Contract Now!

in #cryptocurrency5 years ago

Sounds like a case for governance in eos


Good to know that Vitalik has a stake in EOS via Fenbushi to help you make it bulletproof from as many angels as possible ;-)

What's this now lol? What is Fenbushi??

One of EOS partners: and Vitalik Buterin is a partner with Fenbushi

I am still trying to learn about EOS and part of that is simply because you are connected to the project.

There is just SO much info every day man, and when you are not FROM this space but IN the space - every day is so much learning as the DOGE meme would likely say.

You raise a good .... actually great point.

I have been messaging Canadians today personally to raise awareness of this issue.

It is nice to hear from you Dan!

I hope you are doing well my man.

Heyyy Dan! :) Nice to see you around here, and happy to share I've heard sooo much positive feedback about EOS after Consensys. Keep doing what you do!

I google quadrigacx and this post was the second google result. I knew about this 67,000 ETH mistake. It seems like and unfathomable one.

I just think it was so cool that this link is already the second best result. It blows my mind. It explains the views on that post too I guess.

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