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Ecosystem progress:
A total of 20,000 users registered on DAGT dApp and more than 5000 users passed KYC during the campaign.
Hundreds of users participated in the mobile Top-up campaign, and 80,000 ¥ was charged cumulatively.
The awards for the mobile Top-up campaign have been distributed: Apple iPhone X (64G), Amazon Kindles, and Gift cards.

Product progress:
Log-in page optimization on DAGT’s dApp for the Chinese and English version
Added security verification when acquiring verification code
Loan list and loan details pages optimization
Added find function, weekly update, industrial news, sign-in, token-gain campaign, and transfer wallet functions.
DAGT wallet optimization

Technical progress:
DAGT online shopping module in development
New Year Reward Campaign in development
DAGT transfer wallet in development
DAGT code optimization

Welcome to experience loan/lend crypto on DAGT dApp, campaign is still running now. 50 DAGT will be sent freely once you loan or lend USDT, ETH on dApp now.

For more details, follow DAGT on our social media platforms.

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