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Hello fellow steemians,

What a hectic past few days we have seen. Those who are in crypto space long enough will not even blink looking at the sea of double digit reds on majority of the cryptocurrencies. Is this a perfect time to stuck on some promising coins and projects? Absolutely! Can we go even lower? Of course we can. That's why it is essential to always have some cash on the side to buy those dips. The rise in the past 3 months has been way to fast so it is only natural to have a deeper correction. Time to load up on some coins. Let's see what August 1st brings to the space with BTC and UASF. You have to love those summer sales:)!


CEO & Founder of CGH

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Ripple always goes back up to like 20 cents. Pretty crazy time. Probably get a little of that :) Steem at 78 cents too.


XRP, STEEM both in my cold storage for long term! Bought BTC on dips at 1900.... waiting for more dips if lucky:)....

and I will be stocking up !


Get em while their hot! I still feel like we have a large sell off going on till Aug 1st


Most likely!

Pronto nos vamos a recuperar

Great time to buy!